How to Choose the Best Wine Rack?

How to Choose the Best Wine Rack?
Conversation on what brand and how aged the wine you are tossing with other wine lovers is always the beginning of a cheerful talk about the most common drink you share with your visitors.

The next level is when you take your friends to the wine rack, where you stock other bottles to ensure that you have the best place to store many others.

Such a move demonstrates that most wines are valued on how aged they are. Therefore, how to choose the best wine rack and how to store wine bottles after you buy is an issue to consider when it comes to the best.

While you may choose to keep wines in the refrigerator or a cellar for the drinks, the best type to consider is a wine storage rack, whereby you will save a lot of space in your home.

In addition, thanks to the wine rack, you will be able to keep extra bottles on hand for the times when you are paid for quick and frequent visits by your loved ones.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Wine Rack

1. Size of Wine Racks

The first thing you should think about is whether you want a wine rack for a large number of bottles or just a few wine bottles to store. Wine racks come in different sizes and dimensions.

Wine racks can hold tens or hundreds of bottles yet are designed to use the space extremely efficiently.

2. Material of the Wine Rack

Another thing to consider is the material of the wine racks. They  usually come in metal and wooden material. While wooden wine racks are preferred for their traditional and earthy look, material wine racks are used for modern home decors; and they usually come in black or silver colors.

3. Design of the Wine Rack

Furthermore, the design of the wine rack is also important if you want to turn that place into an art. It will be a good idea, for example, to decorate the corner separated for the storage of wines into a colorful and elegant artistic place by choosing a modern wine rack for your storage.

4. Cost of the Wine Cabinet

A final thing to consider before buying the ideal wine rack is the cost of the product. Remember that there are many types of wine racks ranging from as little as $ 20 to hundreds of dollars. The best thing you should do is research to find the best material and design with the maximum amount you can afford.

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Types of Wine Racks

There are a few types of wine racks depending on where you want to spare and how you want to keep and display wines in home.

To begin with, there are wine racks that you can mount on the wall. These types of wine racks are useful in many ways. First of all, wall-mounted wine racks function as a piece of wall art.

Therefore, if you choose this type, you will be lucky to decorate your spare walls and save space in your home. Wall-mounted wine racks are also practical, as you can have a few bottles of wines on hand readily for quick use.

These wine racks usually can take up to a maximum of eight bottles. You may choose to store more wines; however, when you do so, there is a risk of falling, which will ruin your collection and dirty the floor or cause unwanted casualties.

Another type of wine rack is hanging ones. Hanging wine racks are similar to wall-mounted wine racks in that they don’t cover extra space in your home.

Also, because of the issues related to weight, they can hold a minimum number of bottles. Therefore, like wall-mounted ones, hanging wine racks should be made of strong material and a sturdy design to avoid unwanted fallings and mess.

The third place you can store wines is countertops; there are a various countertop wine racks that you can put on any flat surface in your home. For example, places such as kitchen countertops or top-of-fireplaces in your living rooms would be ideal.

Or you can place countertop wine storage racks on the top of bookcases or a spare table that you keep in any part of the house that is convenient to reach.

Like wall-mounted racks, countertop wine racks are practical to use with the minimum place they hold in the house.

When it comes to the largest and perhaps the most secure place to store wine bottles, wine racks that you can put on the floor anywhere in your house can take up to hundreds of bottles of wines, which would be impossible for other types to hold.

Floor wine racks could also be as small as countertop racks or as stylish as wall-mounted ones. The best thing about floor racks, on the other hand, is you don’t have to worry about gravity.

Wine Rack Maintenance

There are two types of wine racks: wooden and metal ones. We usually keep decorative wood and a modern metal wine rack of average size in our homes.

Therefore, given that the ideal inside house temperature and humidity is secured, we don’t need to worry about the inside of the bottles.

Rather, what we mean by the maintenance of wine racks is dust and cleaning with a proper soft cloth. Only, we should avoid using sprays including chemicals that may harm the label of the bottles.

Benefits of Using Wooden Racking

Wood is the most widely used material in home furnishing together with fabric today. Most of our stylish furniture is made of wood. And wood is preferred on the floors, too.

Today, there are also elegant wooden wall art objects in many homes; and, among the many decorative wall art pieces, we can include wooden wine racks, too. Wooden wine racks are preferred more due to several reasons such as practicality, adaptability, and convenience to maintain.

First of all, taking into consideration the more common use of wooden racks, an extra wood protector would do the entire job for long-term maintenance.

Apart from this, cleaning wooden racks is nothing more than cleaning any other wooden object. Unlike metal ones, cleaning wooden racks does not need any special treatment like dying against rust.

And also, maintaining wooden wine racks is easier because you don’t need extra cleaning chemicals or tools because you already keep the protector and other cleaning material for other furniture in your house for regular cleaning.

Secondly, wooden racks decorate better with other objects in the house. For example, a stylish, decorative wall-mounted wooden rack will go with all other furniture in the living room. Or the wooden rack itself will make perfect wall art for the spare walls and ceilings.

Apart from these, wooden wine racks will be better for the smell and taste of the wine as it provides a more natural and pleasant odor than a metal rack.

Where Can I Buy the Best Wine Racks?

The best place you can buy the ideal wine rack is where you can find lots of selections of different sizes and styles at a reasonable and affordable price.

As Decomil Store, we know that it is hard and time-consuming to find such a place at first look.

Therefore, we are happy to help by presenting our dear customers the ideal place to buy the best wine racks that will serve their interests best.

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