How to Choose a Jewelry Armoire?

How to Choose a Jewelry Armoire?

The word armoire, when combined with jewelry, might ring a bell for some of us. However, a jewelry armoire may not be very well-known by everyone. Given the function, however, everybody will realize it is the one of the most widely used home decor items usually found in our bedrooms to keep all the valuable belongings in it.

What Is a Jewelry Armoire?

Simply put, a jewelry armoire is a cabinet with divisions and drawers that we put our precious materials such as jewelry in it. Armoires usually have a mirror. Therefore, they are an important home décor items for bedrooms in addition to their function.

They are sometimes mistakenly called wardrobes because of the function they have. Or sometimes, they can be called jewelry boxes. But, a jewelry Armoire is neither of them. It has its history and etymological meaning dating back to the 16th century.

Differences between Jewelry Armoire, Jewelry Box, and Jewelry Cabinet

As its name suggests, a jewelry box is a small container that is used for storing your valuables. It is not as large as armoires, and it may not contain departments or different drawers.

On the other hand, a jewelry cabinet is much like an armoire in that it has different sections, and it is nearly as large as jewelry armoires.

What makes a jewelry armoire different is that it has historically been used for storing different tools such as weapons and other war equipment such as armors.

Clearly, we can understand that the French word armoire is much related to the last tool mentioned.

We can conclude that while a jewelry box and a jewelry armoire are very different concepts when compared by their shape and size.

However, the term jewelry cabinet can be used instead of a jewelry armoire today, only with the difference related to the armoire’s historical background as mentioned above.

What are the Different Types of Jewelry Armoires?

You can find dozens of different types of Jewelry armoires depending on their design, color, and shape.

However, typically we can talk about three or four main kinds of Jewelry armoires.

Free Standing Jewelry Armoires

Free-standing Jewelry Armoires are the type of armoires you can move them wherever you want. They are free of the wall and the floor. These types of armoires are the most traditional ones.

Standing Jewelry Armorie

Free-standing armoires typically have drawers and compartments, and side panels to keep necklaces. They have a wide range of colors, shapes, and cuts that add aesthetic to your room.

Another most important feature is they can be locked to keep your belongings safe.

The second type of jewelry armoire is the one that you can put on other dressers, desks, and tables.

Such functionality makes this type of armoire preferable as it can be moved on different platforms, as mentioned above. Yet, dresser top armoires are large and have enough sections to include all the items you could put in a free-standing armoire.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

Wall Mounted  jewelry armoire is another widely used type of armoire. Wall-mounted jewelry armoires, as its name suggests, can be attached to the wall of your room. They are preferred by users who need more space in their rooms.

wall mounted jewelry armoire

A wall-mounted jewelry armoire is also a safer one for toddlers. This type of armoire may have a mirror, and that's why they can also be called jewelry mirror armoires.

They may also function as wall decor items for the rooms with spare walls. In addition, this jewelry armoire type can be attached to the back of the doors. They are perfect for saving on the space in the bedrooms.

How to Organize a Jewelry Armoire?

Most basically, you should organize your jewelry armoire by the characteristics of your belongings. For example, watches, necklaces, brooches, rings, coins and earrings are one category.

And, gold, silver, plastic, etc. are another category. Or you may choose to make groups depending on the style they are used for. For example, you can categorize them as everyday items, special events, or fashion, etc.

Another important issue is you should store your belongings as they are worn. For example, you should hang the necklaces.

Furthermore, while organizing the drawers, it is wise to store top drawers with your favorite items that you use the most frequently. And use the bottom drawer for items that you use once in a while or the ones you consider discarding or giving away.

Furthermore, protecting expensive jewelry from external conditions is important when storing your valuables.

You should take into consideration the factors such as temperature and moisture inside the room to keep some items safe from tarnishing and dust, for example. For this reason, such items should be placed in the inner sections of a jewelry armoire.

All in all, jewelry is precious enough to get the utmost care; and your house needs a special place to protect them. Therefore, with the help of the best jewelry armoire, you will no longer worry about your special collection.

Where To Buy Jewelry Armoire?

The best place to buy the jewelry armoire is where you can find a wide range of selections at a reasonable and affordable price.

Therefore, as Decomil Decoration Storewe are happy to present the best jewelry armoire that will serve their interests best.

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