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Custom Flag Display Cases

Custom Flag Cases

Custom flag display case helps your special flags neatly displayed on home mantels, shelves, or tabletops. It gives the best protection against outer conditions such as moisture or sunlight that would harm the texture of your flag.

The custom flag cases that we make are perfect for holding and displaying retired or burial folded flags. We manufacture a custom flag display case that is easy to access and utterly transparent while perfectly protecting the content.

Our display case options also include hinged front panels that can be removed or hinged backs for easy access and loading. With its quality furniture and crystal-clear glass front, our custom flag box will perfectly match your home décor, too.

Triangular in shape and made of the best quality hardwood, Decomil’s custom flag cases are specifically designed to display and protect your flags for any purpose beautifully.

Personalized Flag Cases

Our personalized flag cases can be used on all flat surfaces, or they can be wall-mounted. They are easily used with matching pedestal bases on tabletops, shelves, or home mantels, while you can use them on the walls of your rooms, too.

Also, you can add any text or information about your loved ones on the custom flag display case that we produce for a more personalized item.

Decomil’s personalized flag boxes will make a perfect gift if you want to honor the heroes of your heart. Easily prefer our products to celebrate any special days and events such as Veterans Day, President Day, 4th of July, Officers, Special Forces, etc.

3x5 Custom Flag Case

We have a variety of custom flag cases to hold a standard 3' x 5' flag. The triangular-shaped 3x5 custom flag cases we produce are perfect for proudly viewing and storing a retirement flag.

On the other hand, we have flag and certificate display cases that offer a larger utility. Also, we have good news for you if you want to keep it together with your memorial flag and all other awards and diplomas. In addition to your flag, our specially designed all-in-one flag and certificate display cases will keep and display all your treasured awards and memorabilia together.

The 3x5 custom flag display case is made of solid wood with an elegant mango finish. It is processed with the highest quality craftsmanship. You can use it wall-mounted or on your table. Our flag display cases all offer easy to use; they arrive whole and safe, plus you don’t need any extra tools to hang and display.

5x9 Custom Flag Case

This gorgeous flag and memorabilia display case are ideal for holding the standard 5x9 burial or funeral flags. With an elegant cherry wood finish and clear, shatter-proof Plexiglas front panel, the 5x9 custom flag display case offers the highest-quality storage. For the perfect conservation of your flag, we use Plexiglas to protect your memorabilia from the ultraviolet, which helps protect your flag from fading for a long time.

Decomil manufactures a 5x9 flag display case with enough space for an engraved nameplate. This will make a great gift to honor your friends and family. Proudly display your burial flags with this special display case; put them on the table or hang them on the wall. Create an elegant view with our lovely custom flag display case.

Where to Buy Custom Flag Cases?

At Decomil, we manufacture the best quality custom flag display cases with various colors, styles, and unique characteristics. We care for the veterans, first responders, and active-duty military. Therefore, we are pleased to offer the highest quality custom flag cases to help honor all the heroes; the Fallen and the Living.