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Modular Wine Racks

Modular wine racks are designed to accommodate contemporary living spaces without the need for extensive areas. These shelves provide a crucial solution for collectors lacking spacious home storage areas. You can buy these natural-material shelves whenever you need them to avoid excessive crowding in your home.

A stackable modular wine rack is highly convenient for assembly, disassembly, and relocation. It does not require any technical knowledge. A modular wine rack system from Decomil offers you the best quality at a reasonable price.

What is a Modular Wine Rack?

A modular wine cellar is an adjustable, dividable, and portable shelf system that stores wine bottles in an orderly and aesthetic way. By stacking shelves on top of each other, these systems accommodate a vast array of bottles.

In traditional methods, there was a separate cellar for storing wine, and the wines were kept in this cellar. However, because of the restricted space in homes today, modular designs have been created, making it possible to store dozens or even hundreds of wines in limited areas.

What Materials Are Modular Wine Racks Made From?

Modern modular wine storage is crafted from bamboo, the primary material. Despite bamboo's durability, which is on par with steel, the material is surprisingly light and beautiful. Bamboo's inherent structure helps maintain the aroma of foods that are sensitive to environmental factors, like wine, without affecting them negatively.

Explore Our Modular Wine Racks

Decomil modular wine racks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any requirement. Here are the 3 modular wine racks from Decomil.

72 Wine Rack

The 72-bottle capacity wine rack is made to hold 72 bottles steadily. If you require more than eight layers of storage, you can add more shelves to this system.

36 Wine Rack

36 wine racks consist of 4 layers, and you can store 9 bottles on each shelf. So that the bottles do not rattle around, the shelves are shaped like waves. Without actually being a good collector, it gives the impression that you are.

18 and 9 Wine Rack

You can either use the 18 and 9 wine racks separately or add another shelf to make a different size. Decomil provides a wide range of solutions to meet any requirement. You can purchase just the number of these modular shelves that you require.

Are Modular Wine Racks Easy to Assemble?

Yes, a modular wine cabinet is easy to install. It does not require any technical process. All you have to do is place the two wavy shelves on the legs sequentially. That's all. Ultimately, exhibit your collection on these shelves.

Can I Customize the Size and Shape of a Modular Wine Rack?

Our modular wine racks have a shelf capacity of 9 bottles each. Unfortunately, the shelf length cannot be customized. However, it is up to you how many shelves you stack.

Do Modular Wine Racks Require Wall Mounting, or Can They Stand Alone?

No. Modular wine racks are installed on self-supporting shelves that do not require wall mounting.

Are There Different Styles and Designs of Modular Wine Racks Available?

Modular wine racks are offered as standard products made of bamboo. You can browse our selection of countertop wine racks for different styles and models.

Can I Add More Modules to My Wine Rack As My Collection Grows?

Sure. The most important advantage of modular wine racks is that you can purchase as many as you need. You can simply order additional shelves to accommodate your growing collection.

How Should I Clean and Maintain My Modular Wine Rack?

You can dust modular wine racks with a soft cloth and clean them periodically with warm water and detergent. Bamboo is an easy-to-clean material that does not show much dirt. Cleaning enthusiasts will find it quite advantageous.

Are There Any Specific Considerations for Storing Wine in a Modular Wine Rack, Such As Temperature and Humidity?

To preserve the aroma and flavor of wines, it is recommended to store them in cool, dry places. For optimal wine preservation, the ideal humidity level is 50%, and the temperature range is 11–15 degrees Celsius.

Can Modular Wine Racks Be Used for Other Types of Bottles, Like Liquor or Olive Oil?

For sure. You can also turn wine racks into storage areas for your other bottles. Nevertheless, a minimum bottle length of 10 inches is required for this.

Where Can I Buy Modular Wine Racks, And Are There Any Reputable Brands to Look for?

Naturally, when buying these shelvesβ€”which will be used in your home for many years as a storage and decoration pieceβ€”you will need to locate a reputable seller. Founded in 2014, our company has been serving American citizens for about 10 years. As Decomil, we only sell products that have received positive customer feedback. All products in our store have been added with this principle in mind. Customers are overwhelmingly pleased with our modular wine racks, which are among the products we have been offering for years.