LED Light Cabinet Lockable 47.3" H Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror, 2 Drawers, Pure White UJJC93W
Color: White W/ Hanger SPECIALIZED JEWELRY CABINET: You deserve a better constructed jewelry cabinet for long time use from...
Bamboo Shower Bench, Shower Stool with Storage Shelf - Corner Design
ELEGANTLY DESIGN Made of 100% natural wood, this bench rack is durable. Shower bench with 2-tier storage shelf,...
Bamboo Shower Bench, Shower Stool with Storage Shelf - Vintage Design
ELEGANTLY DESIGN Made of 100% natural wood, this bench rack is durable. Shower bench with 2-tier storage shelf,...
Bamboo Shower Bench, Shower Stool with Storage Shelf - Compact Design
This Bamboo Shower Bench Is Only Designed For Your Comfort Just Sit And Relax  High-quality bamboo material makes...
Microfiber Not too firm not too soft, 2 Different Size Options (20x30 Queen Size) - (20x26 Twin Size) Machine...

Make Your Bed & Bath Time More Relaxing

Bed and bath make our home the warmest place to relax and find tranquility. That is why we are committed to finding the most inspirational and highest quality collections for your home decor.

We share the belief that there is nothing more important than "home". Therefore, we are dedicated to including the products that beautifully decorate your place in our collection. What makes our collection unique is the special methods we use in manufacturing our products. We are only satisfied if our customers can find health, comfort, and beauty all together in every product we provide.

In our bed and bath collection -from pillows to jewelry armoires- we aim to design the highest quality and long-lasting home accessories at affordable prices. We are also proud to satisfy our customers with both trendy and classic figures so they can fulfill their dream homes.

Bamboo Shower Benches

There is no more relaxing thing than a warm shower after a long and tiring day. The first thing we do in the morning is to take a quick shower, too. That's why our bathrooms are the most tranquil escape in our life. Knowing this, we have put together the best bathroom accessories that add great comfort to your bath time.

Bamboo shower benches are practical and healthier to use. You can easily put it in your bathroom, shower, or spa. Additionally, bamboo material's smooth form protects you against damages such as skin irritation.

With its 2-tier storage shelf, you can put your shampoo, bath towels, shower creams, and anything you need for a perfect shower. Also, the bamboo bathroom accessory is easy to assemble, and it can be used both indoor and outdoor as well.

Jewelry Armoires

A good quality jewelry armoire is what we need to keep all our valuable belongings in it. Given the function, it is one of the most widely used pieces of furniture usually found in our bedrooms.

We want our bedrooms to be organized to throw away the entire burden behind and take a nice sleep. So, we have diligently chosen the best bedroom accessories to add comfort to our bedrooms to accomplish this.

Jewelry armoires are designed to keep all your jewelry in one place. These bedroom sets can hold your jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in one place separately, organized, and safe. You can also prefer jewelry armoires wall-mounted. By attaching it to your bedroom wall, you can save more space in your bedroom.

Sleeping Pillows

You should forget everything when you put your head on your sleeping pillow. An ideal pillow helps you leave behind all the stress of the day. Therefore, the pillows in our bed and bath collection are designed to support your head in the best position while sleeping.

We manufacture our sleeping pillows not too firm, not too soft, in multiple sizes so that you can choose the ideal one for your comfort. Additionally, these microfiber pillows are washable and easy to dry.

Check out our collections to make the most of your relaxing time. Visit Decomil Store https://www.decomil.com/ anytime for more range of bed & bath accessories that reflect your style.