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Unique Sport Display Cases

Sports display cases let you show off the moments you created wonders. For an athlete, preserving his memories, achievements, medals, and favorite sports equipment is of paramount importance. You may want to keep a basketball shoe with which you won championships.

As Decomil, we value the memories of athletes just as much as they do. We keep your memories safe by protecting them from adverse conditions such as sunlight, weather, dust, and humidity.

What is a Sports Display Case and its Purpose?

A sport display case is a box that protects your valuables and showcases them. Sport display cases are also referred to as memorabilia and can be made from glass, acrylic, or plastic. Some of them are fixed to a frame. On the other hand, a sports shadow box is a display case with a fixed space between the glazing and the artwork to give the artwork a sense of depth.

Protecting your valuable materials is the main function of your display cases. These cases are great for keeping your shoes, medals, or t-shirts. They also present an aesthetic impression while protecting your belongings. With them, your memorable, each with its own story, can be displayed stylishly in a display case.

Common items that people might showcase in custom sport display cases include:

  • Sports balls (e.g., footballs, basketballs)
  • Trophies and medals
  • Equipment (e.g., baseball bats, hockey sticks)
  • Jerseys and uniforms
  • Photographs and posters
  • Shoes and sneakers
  • Autographed items
  • Caps and hats

How Do I Choose the Right Sports Display Case for My Memorabilia?

To choose the right display case, you need to consider the 5 following factors; type, material, visibility, UV and moisture protection, and reviews and recommendations:

1. Type

Sports memorabilia display cases are available in different types for each type of memorabilia. If you want to exhibit a particular type of object, you should choose accordingly.

2. Material

A display case is generally made of acrylic material, glass, or a wooden frame. A glass display case may provide quality but break if dropped. Alternatively, acrylic is a highly secure and lightweight material.

3. Visibility

In addition to function, a sports display box can also serve as an aesthetic piece. How your valuables are displayed is also an important aspect for guests.

4. UV and Moisture Protection

Especially textile products can be damaged by ultraviolet rays from sunlight. With a UV and moisture-protection display case, you can keep your belongings intact for many years.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

It is very important to read customer reviews before purchasing a display case. Take into account comments from people who have similar expectations with you.

What Types of Sport Display Cases are Available?

The display case market is abundant with numerous size and type options. Here are our top 7 display cases.

1. Baseball Display Case

Baseball display cases are expertly crafted to accommodate baseballs stylishly. Specially designed shelves allow these cases to hold a variety of balls. The wooden texture gives them a luxurious look and keeps their shine for years. There are also options such as single and wall-mounted display cases and bat display cases. Because of their UV protection acrylic surface, your priceless balls can last years without deteriorating.

2. Golf Ball Display Case

Golf ball display cases are designed to match the size of golf balls. As golf balls have light colors, cherry finishes perfectly complement their colors and can even enhance them. Additionally, acrylic surfaces protect them from UV rays. A solid wood display case is one of the best options for displaying sports memorabilia.

3. Shoe Display Case

Shoe display cases are designed to protect shoes with textile properties. A valuable shoe must be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, dust, and humidity. Thanks to a UV-resistant acrylic surface and a completely enclosed environment, you can shield your shoes from all of these harmful impacts.

4. Basketball Display Case

A basketball display case exhibits one basketball stylishly. With a cheery finish wooden base and an acrylic display, they complement a basketball pleasingly. The size of these balls makes them perfect for basketball; however, they are also suitable for soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs, etc. It is a great option to keep your signed basketballs or ones with special memories for years.

5. Other Sport Display Cases

Alternatively, there are display cases you can consider in the following types:

Football Display Case

Football display cases are typically made of wood and are lockable. They come rectangular and can offer safety while providing a pleasing aesthetic. Because of the standard size of a soccer ball, their interior dimensions are 12''W x 7"H x 8" D. The cherry finish matches well with any ball color, so you can use them with other sports memorabilia.

Jersey Frame Case

Jarsrey display cases can protect the slender textures of sports jerseys or uniforms. They can maintain their value for years without deteriorating by providing a safe environment for delicate textiles. In addition to not sacrificing your best uniform, you can show off them stylishly with these display cases.

Ball Rack Holder

A ball rack holder mounted on your wall is the perfect way to show off the balls you love most. Due to their high level of dust and humidity protection, acrylic cases are perfect for them. Years later, your balls will still be in the same condition.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Sports Display Case?

A sport display case is an important object to maintain because it serves as both a decorative object and a protective one. The first step in cleaning is to use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust regularly.

Glass surfaces should be wiped after spraying the glass cleaner onto the cloth. For the best results, avoiding directly spraying the cleaner onto the glass surface is advised.

Mix dish soap with distilled water and apply using a cloth to clean acrylic surfaces. To prevent any harm to the paint, it is crucial to apply water-based varnish after cleaning the wooden frames. To ensure the longevity of your display cases, it is crucial to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Materials made of acrylic or wood may suffer damage when exposed to sunlight. It is essential to regularly inspect your display case that comes with a locking mechanism for rust to ensure that it lasts long and operates smoothly.

Benefits of Sport Display Cases

The most important benefits of display cases are as follows.

  • Whether it's a valuable sporting item, an outfit, a shoe, or a ball that has a special meaning to you, these textile items wear out quickly if they aren't protected. However, display cases can increase their lifespan.
  • Display cases protect valuables from harmful sun rays, preventing them from deforming quickly.
  • Display cases ensure that you can't always access your memories or valuables. They can be shown to your guests without being opened and stuffed.
  • As display cases define your area of interest, they can also create a focal point in your living space.
  • Usually, display cases are equipped with lock mechanisms to keep valuables safe.

Are There Different Sizes of Sport Display Cases Available?

Yes, display cases have many different sizes. Typically, they are labeled using broad terms like big, average, and small.

Small Display Cases

Collectors typically prefer this type of display case. They have an average height and width of 5 inches.

Medium Display Cases

These are display cases specifically designed to showcase a variety of accessories and balls. The typical size range for them is usually between 8 and 12 inches.

Large Display Cases

These display cases are specifically designed to showcase items like basketballs, footballs, and helmets. On average, they measure between 14 and 24 inches in size.

Multi-Item Display Cases

A Memorabilia display cabinet for multiple items is typically designed to allow you to showcase numerous objects simultaneously. The dimensions of the product depend on how many objects you plan to showcase.

What is UV Protection, and Why is It Important for Sport Display Cases?

UV protection is the protection of your valuable products from the harmful effects of sunlight. Depending on the material type, UV rays can cause fading, deterioration, and discoloration in metal, wood, and textile products.

Protecting your sports equipment from harmful UV rays is crucial in ensuring its longevity. Your products will maintain their value as there will be no yellowing or weakening of the product. Your product's initial beauty remains preserved. Thanks to UV protection, your products can be used for years without needing any maintenance. With UV protection, your product can stay in its original condition, as if it has received professional care.

Where Should I Place My Sports Display Case?

Here are some important factors to consider to showcase your display case.


Visibility is the most important factor to consider when placing a display case. You can choose a focal point or entrance.

Natural Light

Natural light can best show your memorabilia stylishly. However, you should be careful when placing them in direct sunlight exposure. The harmful effects of UV rays can deteriorate your valuables and make them unflattering.

Avoid Heat Sources

Heat can cause harmful effects, especially on acrylic products. It may damage your display case by fuming the surface of the dşsplay cases.

Traffic Flow

When placing your sports display cases, be sure to consider the flow of traffic. Display cases contain valuables that you display to your guests, so you should display them in places with the most traffic.

Child and Pet Safety

Display cases should be placed in areas out of reach of children and pets, especially if glass is used.

Do Sport Display Cases Come with Warranties or Guarantees?

Display cases are usually under the seller's warranty. As Decomil, we offer unconditional returns within 30 days for all our products. However, different companies offer various warranty requirements.

For faulty, defective, or damaged products, consumers' rights are guaranteed under the consumer protection laws of each state. You should keep the invoices for possible fallacies in the product later.

How Do Sports Display Cases Protect My Sport Memorables?

Display cases protect your items against the long-lasting consequences of external factors by protecting them from external factors. In humid conditions, your valuables can deform faster, while excessive exposure to sun rays fades them. Also, the metal parts in your memorabilia can develop corrosion in an unprotected environment.

A display case can protect your valuables from physical damage, dust and contamination, UV rays, moisture, and humidity. Furthermore, sudden changes in the weather can negatively affect metal parts or textile products. When products undergo a fast climate transition, they can deform and deteriorate due to chemical reactions. A display case minimizes these negative effects.

Display cases also protect your valuables from unnecessary mishandling and irreparable consequences.

Which One is Better, Acrylic or Glass Sport Display Cases?

Most display cases are made of glass or acrylic. Both have various advantages and disadvantages. The following are comparisons of these materials;

1. Acrylic Display Cases:

Below are some of the advantages of acrylic sports display cases.


Lightness is the most important feature of acrylic. In small display cases, weight is not a major factor, but it becomes more important in large products. It is especially important to have a light display case when displaying heavy products.

Impact Resistance

Unlike other materials, acrylic is more resistant to impact and doesn't break easily. Falling or accidental knocking is less likely to damage them.


In addition to being a transparent material like high-quality acrylic glass, its glossy surface makes it an attractive way to display memorabilia.

2. Glass Display Cases:

Below are some of the advantages of glass display cases.

Durability and Stability

In addition to being more durable than acrylic, glass does not scratch easily. Even after years of use, glass display cases remain elegant. The surface of glass does not yellow or fade, and temperature changes don't affect it.


Glass surfaces are easier to clean than acrylic but can collect more dust. Besides, you can easily find a glass cleaner.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Sport Display Cases?

In order to choose a display case that suits your needs, you should first choose a store that can meet your needs. In this regard, it is essential that the store you shop at offers a wide selection of products. Moreover, choose a store with clear return policies when buying a display case.

Make sure that the store you buy from offers different size options for all its products. If the display case you purchased does not fit in size, you can change it. A Home Decor Store and a Craft and Hobby Store are generally specialized in display cases and may offer high-quality products.

As Decomil, we have been serving the USA with home decor products and craft items since 2014. Most of our kitchen products are bamboo, and our display cases are wood, glass, and acrylic. The material used in our products is of the highest quality. Besides the manufacturer's warranty, we offer a 30-day return and exchange guarantee on all of our products.