Are You Looking For An Useful And Stylish Small End Table? This small end table is suitable for use in...
Are You Looking For An Useful Simple, And Stylish Small Side Table? This small side table is suitable...
Are You Looking For An Useful And Stylish Small End Table? This small end table is suitable for use in...
Vintage Side Table Square Vintage End Table  Side Tables For Living Room
Looking For A Side Table Modern With Its Design and Vintage With Its Texture and Pattern This small...
HIGH-QUALITY: Decomil Rustic Wood Shelves made of real solid wood and metal brackets, it’s sturdy and it designed...
Unique Handmade Wood Decoration American Flag Decorative Ship
Decomil Sail Boat with American Flag is part of DecoMIL collection where handmade pieces join our wooden products....
Wooden Puzzle Box - Hand Made Unique Jewelry Box
Our Wooden Puzzle Box will have your secrets safe forever under lock and key.  BEST Jewelry Box, Puzzle...
Mosaic Puzzle Box, Hand-Made
BEST Jewelry Box, Puzzle Box, secret compartment box for you, your loved ones. Beautiful craftsmanship originated in the...
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Bring Your Living Rooms to Life

Make your living rooms more spacious and warmer with the living room furniture that we design. We offer living room accessories that will inspire and improve your interior design and turn your house into a real home. Our collection includes all elegant and unique patterns that add great beauty to your living space.

We design living room sets such as living room tables and living room shelves that perfectly match your interior design. Additionally, we have a variety of shapes and cuts that fit every corner of your house. With Decomil's unique living room colections, you can turn every living room into heaven regardless of your budget.

Living Room Tables

Living room tables are necessary pieces to complete your room decor. Once you have formed your living room seating, you should put the right tables in the right corner of your house. They should be placed in a way that functions both aesthetically and practically. The pieces we manufacture consist of round/oval side tables, square and vintage end tables, and side tables. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find the most suitable living room tables in our home decor collection.

Put the ideal size rounded edge table in front of your couch for a safe drink of coffee or tea. On the other hand, a square vintage side table will perfectly match your cozy reading corner. Or, use our living room end tables for storage; put your books, flowers, or any ornaments that are inspiring to look at. The variety of our side tables will make it easy for you to decorate your living rooms just as you like.

Decomil's living room accessories is made of high-quality wood, MDF. In addition, we offer different color options that match every corner of your house.

Puzzle Boxes Fit Perfectly Into Your Living Room Decor

Every house needs stylish and decorative living room boxes. These boxes are a part of living room furniture to hold together small pieces scattered around your house. In addition to their function, storage boxes are also part of our room décor. Puzzle boxes are ideal for putting together small pieces of an exciting puzzle when you are done.

We design hand-made puzzle boxes with special patterns that add beauty to your living rooms. These lockable boxes are ideal pieces of home furniture to keep your valuables safe. Of course, the highest quality hand-made storage boxes will make a great gift, too.

Stylish Living Room Shelves

The living room shelves we offer are practical, simple, and highly decorative. Decomil's collection of floating shelves will make your living rooms more attractive and chicer. We design stylish and elegant living room shelves for displaying your memorable photos, collectibles, and more. You can safely prefer one of our decorative shelves to put a variety of extra items that you want to display in your living rooms.

Display shelves need to be mounted easily. Decomil's living room shelves are easy to assemble, and each one has a wall mount kit. Therefore, they are suitable for many walls; use them in your bedrooms, kitchens, or even in the garage. Use our shelves wherever you want to increase your space and decorate your wall.

If you're looking to revamp your entire  room or add a few accessories to your decor, our living room collections offer everything you need. Our unique handmade collections will inspire and improve your interior style and turn your house into a home. The living room accessories and decor can help you furnish your space with class, no matter what your budget is.

Browse our collection for fresh ideas to breathe new life into your living rooms.