How to Store Wine at Home

A man is storing wine at home

Wine has been very popular among people for centuries, both as a drink to accompany your meal or as an elegant option to create a collection. However, wine is a sensitive drink and needs to be kept in optimal conditions for the best taste and better aging.

Therefore, you should know how to store wine to keep it in the best condition for consumption. We have collected basic tips in this post to provide you with a guide on storing wine properly without wasting it.

What Is the Correct Way to Store Wine?

Wine can last for years or decades as long as it is stored under proper conditions and in suitable places. Here, you can find details; 


Temperature is the first thing you must take into consideration when trying to learn how to store wine. Temperature is directly related to the aging process of the wine, and therefore, the place where you store the wine should not excess 68°F (20°C) or go below 25 °F (-4°C). The optimal temperature can be said to be around 55°F (13°C), but you are still advised to contact the manufacturer for the specific requirements.

Furthermore, the temperature must be stable, and you should prefer the spaces where the temperature does not fluctuate when choosing the best place to store wine in-house.

A women is storing red wine

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Prefer Dark Places

Exposure to direct sunlight will cause oxidization of the wine that will alter and spoil the flavor. Thus, you should opt to create or choose a dark location that is away from sunlight. This will also enhance humidity and prevent the drying up of the cork, which results in wine spoilage due to the bottle's air intake.

Keep the Bottles Stable

Wine bottles need to be kept away from vibration that will accelerate the chemical reaction and spoil their taste. Thus, once you place the wine bottles on a wine rack or storage, you should maintain their stability and avoid changing their positions and places often.

Keep the Bottles Sideways

If the bottles are intended/planned to be stored for a longer period, then you should choose the proper way to store wine, which is storing them horizontally.  Keeping the wine bottles on their side will keep the cork in contact with the wine, and the cork will remain wet. This will prevent drying and the entrance of air inside the bottle.

72 bottle wine rack


Getting a properly designed wine rack will greatly benefit you by enabling you to store the bottles in the correct position while consuming much less space in your cellar or kitchen. For instance, you can get a 72-bottle wine rack to keep your bottles organized and safe, while the Katana-inspired wine racks that can handle up to 9 bottles will be a great option to keep your bottles easily accessible in your kitchen.

How to Store Red and White Wine?

As aging enhances the taste and flavor of wine (so does its value), wine lovers want to best details about storing wine. Red and white wine have different appearances and tastes, and you may wonder whether there are differences in storing if you have both these types.

How to store wine properly at home

How to store red wine?

Red wine should be preserved in a dark and humid place to keep the aging at the best pace, while the bottles with cork must be stored horizontally to keep their humidity. As red wine is served at a temperature around 55-65°F, it would be better for you to store it around 55°F.

How to store white wine?

Although the rules on storing wine are also applicable for the white wine bottles, you can store them in cooler spaces as they are served at 45-50°F.

Should You Store Wine in The Fridge?

If you want to keep your wine bottle for a longer period, you should not put it in the fridge if the temperature goes below 45°F, which may dry out the cork and let air inside. Additionally, colder temperatures may result in icing in the wine that will expand its volume and push the bottle and cork out.

Is it right to store wine upright

Is It Okay To Store Wine Upright?

You will realize that wine bottles are stacked upright in many stores, but when you search for tips on storing wine, you will see recommendations for sideways storing. Then which is true?

Actually, each way is true for different conditions. You can place the bottles upright if you run a restaurant or renew stocks in shorter cycles. Additionally, if the bottles have screw caps, you can still store them upright.

However, if you want to store your wine bottles for more extended periods, you are recommended to keep them horizontally. As corks need to retain their wetness to prevent airflow into the bottle, which may spoil the flavor, the bottles should be placed sideways on wine rack to maintain contact between the wine and the cork.

Storing Wine After Opening

How to Store Wine After Opening

The tips that are provided above are primarily related to closed bottles. However, the opened wine bottles also need storage; therefore, you should also learn how to store wine after opening.

Firstly, you can use the original cork to preserve it inside the original bottle. Additionally, you can refrigerate it until later use to slow down the oxidization process. Lastly, an opened bottle should be stored in the upright position to minimize the surface which is in contact with the air.

Wine is a sophisticated drink and a precious item to be a part of valuable collections. Furthermore, aging maximizes its taste, flavor as well as taste, and therefore, you need to learn the proper way to store it for the best experience. However, its sensitive nature requires specific conditions and close attention during storage.

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