21 Decorative Wine Rack and Wine Storage Ideas

Wine Rack and Wine Storage Ideas

Wine rack ideas will be of great use for you to find a way to store your wine bottles, whether you have several or tens of them. You may have a large cellar where you can place all your bottles or keep them in the carton boxes until you use them.

In either case, creative wine rack ideas will be a great help for you to organize your cellar for the maximum space or to make them blend with your house decoration by occupying minimal space. Hence, we have gathered the 21 best wine storage ideas to offer you functionality and elegance.

Storing Your Wine

Wine is a sensitive drink that is required to be stored under proper circumstances to keep its taste and color in the best condition. Thus, wine should be stored on racks and horizontally to keep the cork moist to prevent drying out, which may change flavor and color.

As you will see in the following sections, wine rack ideas in our post are selected to make sure they are suitable for wine storage conditions.

Wine Rack Ideas

Wine storage ideas below will not only present a functional way of storing your wine bottles, but they also bring elegance and style to enrich your house decoration.


21 Decorative Wine Rack

1- Modular Bamboo Wine Rack

This modular wine rack will present a sturdy and wobble-free wine storage unit for you and the natural beauty of real bamboo. It can store up to 72 bottles, enough to hold many of your bottles safely.

Built-In Wall Wine Rack Storage

2- Built-In Wall Wine Rack Storage

This wine rack idea can save you a lot of space and enrich the decoration of your kitchen with a modern flair. This wine rack is built as a part of your kitchen cabinet and with slanted shelves and provides ample space to store wines


Wine Rack Storage Ideas

3- 7 Bottles Freestanding Countertop Metal Wine Rack

As a freestanding small wine rack idea, you can take a closer look at this one. It is made of metal and features a sleek shape with a circular frame enclosing 7 bottle racks.


Wine Rack and Storage Ideas

4- Stackable Modular Countertop Wine Bottle Storage

When you want to install some DIY wine rack ideas in your house but do not have the necessary equipment, this wine rack is the perfect choice for you. It comprises a horizontal square or octagon wine rack, and they can be stacked upon each other to enable you to create the wine storage ideas in your mind.


modular wine rack ideas

5- Minimalist Wine Bottle Holder

This wine rack offers minimalist style and a chic appearance in your kitchen or living room. It is wall mounted and thus occupies less space while presenting a glamorous wine rack idea.


5 bottle modular wine rack

6- Cross Wine Rack, Bamboo Wine Holder

This bamboo cross wine rack is designed to maintain the best taste and color of your wines while adding a beautiful look to your house. It is made from natural bamboo and features and horizontal design to keep the bottle corks moist.


Cross Wine Rack Bamboo Wine Holder

7- Wooden Wine Rack

If you want a minimalist wine rack idea with a simple design, you have found the right one. It presents four slots with a wooden frame enclosing the racks and can be mounted on the wall for space saving.


Wooden wine rack

8- Carved Wine Rack

You can bring natural elegance to your house by getting a creative wine rack idea. This one is carved out from natural wood and showcases a tree-like appearance.


Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Storage

9- Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Storage

You can create an easy-to-reach wine storage area by applying this wine rack storage idea. It is a DIY project and enables you to use the available space in your kitchen. You can use the section underneath your kitchen cabinet for this wine rack storage idea.


Compact Tabletop Wine Storage Rack

10- Compact Tabletop Wine Storage Rack

This wine glass storage idea brings wine bottles and wine glasses together for ease of convenience. While the bottle rack at the top keeps your wine bottles safe, you can also hang several wine glasses.


Geometric Handcrafted Wine Rack

11- Geometric Handcrafted Wine Rack

If you want a modern wine rack idea, this model will probably work for you. It features a hexagonal design like a honeycomb and will allow you to install it in different designs on your wall.


Multifunctional Wine Cooler Cabinet Storage

12- Multifunctional Wine Cooler Cabinet Storage

This wine rack idea offers an extensive construction of a bar that will provide cube shelves to store bottles and hanging racks for storing glasses. Additionally, it gives a separate space to keep your wine cooler as well.


9 Modular Wine Rack

13- Samurai Style

This samurai style wine rack features a beautiful look with natural bamboo materials and an elegant design with curved shelves that resemble the shape of a samurai katana on a display shelf.


Freestanding Rustic Inspired Wine Bottle

14- Freestanding Rustic Inspired Wine Bottle

This wine rack will bring a chic reflection of rustic wine rack ideas with ample storage room. Presenting a place for up to 15 bottles, this wine rack also offers places for your wine glasses in addition to 2 drawers and an open shelf.


Wine Rack Upcycling Storage

15- Wine Rack Upcycling Storage

If you want to carry your wine rack ideas into a piece of real furniture, you can start with this model. Recreated by the upcycling of an old dresser, this wine rack will allow you to recycle your old furniture while presenting a rustic storage unit for your farmhouse.


Cube Wine Rack Storage

16- Cube Wine Rack Storage

This wine rack shows simplicity and minimalism, with a cube shelf transformed into a practical wine rack.


Letter Wine Cork Rack

17- Letter Wine Cork Rack

You can also turn the corks into a decorative item with this smartly designed wine cork holder. You can get any letter and starts filling it up with the pins while storing them.


Rustic Style Wine Rack Storage

18- Rustic Style Wine Rack Storage

This rustic wine rack idea offers a freestanding wine storage solution that can hold 6 wine bottles. You can also hang wine bottles above the bottles and make use of the top shelf for displaying your plants or knick-knacks.


Kitchen Island Wine Rack

19- Kitchen Island Wine Rack

Wine rack ideas will surely help you make the most out of your available space. This one, for instance, utilizes the shelves of your kitchen island so you can easily store and reach the wine bottles.


Compact Solution

20- Compact Solution

This metal wine rack is a compact freestanding unit that can hold four wine bottles with four wine glasses.


Versatile Cabinet

21- Versatile Cabinet

You can also create an extensive wine and drink bar which will keep your wine bottles, wine glasses, and other drinks with this sleek design.

Where to Buy Decorative Wine Racks?

Wine racks will not only provide an appropriate way of storing your wine bottles, but they will also help you decorate your house with style and glam.

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