How to Choose the Best Flag Display Case?

Military Flag Display Cases

Do you want to leave a significant legacy to your grandchildren or proudly exhibit your military flag? There are some points to consider when choosing a military flag display case.

First of all, for your flag to look aesthetically pleasing in the box, the size of the flag showcase, whether it is glass or acrylic, and where it was produced is really important. On the other hand, you should be careful about where you will display the box and whether you want it custom-made or fabricated.

Size of Flag Display Cases

When choosing a flag display case for a flag, you should consider the dimensions of the case. Commemorative flags can vary as 3’x5’ or 5’x9’. Therefore, before purchasing a military flag display case, be certain of the box size and decide if it is suitable for your flag.

Material of Flag Cases

Military flag display cases can be made of many kinds of wood, but cherry and mahogany are the two most preferred materials. Both are durable and high quality, making them the right choice for flag storage. However, because of its dark brown hue, cherry wood matches the colors of the flag; therefore, it is often used in the frame.

Real wood designs offer a much more elegant and sturdy appearance than their plastic counterparts.

Glass or Acrylic

The front of the flag showcases is produced as glass or acrylic. Whether the face of a flag display case is acrylic or glass has some advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic is lighter and more durable against impacts than glass; also, it reflects softer light.

Glass, on the other hand, is more resistant to scratches and UV rays compared to acrylic. Therefore, it is preferred to protect against yellowing. Moreover, glass is easier to clean and is antimicrobial.

Decomil flag displays are generally made of high-quality glass panels, providing 98% transparency and clear vision. In this way, you can protect your flag more against yellowing and UV rays.

Military Flag Cases Made in USA

Made in the USA

Placing the US flag on a product made in the USA would be like the completed puzzle pieces. Military flag display cases can be produced in different countries with the same quality, color, and image. That's why if you want to keep your glorious memory in a case made in the USA, we recommend asking your seller where it was manufactured.

Wall Mount or Countertop

Another consideration is where you will display the flag cases. Whether you will mount the box on the wall or use it on the table, you should pay attention to this when choosing a product.

Flag Display Case

All of our flag cases can be mounted on the wall or used on the countertop. All items with a compact design have strong hangers to hang on the wall and a flat base to stand on the table.

Flag Case with Certificate or Coins

Do you want to show your awards and your flag together? Some boxes feature both flag case and certificate case, and some products can also be added with coins.

Flag Case with coin

You can keep your memorial flag and all your awards, certificates, and medals together in Decomil's flag and certificate display cases. These flag case and certificate holders, where you can also put coins, are a strong decor that will always make you proud in your home or office.

Custom Flag Case

You can display your flag, which is a symbol of the service you provide for your loved ones, in a special way for you. For example, some products have also name plates where you want to be written your names, title, etc. Thus, the plate placed on the pedestal or onto the glass will make your meaningful flag will be unique to you.

Custom option available on our flag cases collection. You can customize the nameplate as per your request and appreciate a veteran's service in a more special way.

Small Base/Pedestal

Military flag display cases are not just a simple box in which to put the flags but also a trophy where your service is praised and rewarded. Some boxes have a small base, while others have a pedestal underneath. While the small base is preferred in the showcases hung on the wall, the pedestal in the flag boxes displayed on the table brings the memorial flag to the fore.

We have showcases in both designs; military flag display cases with pedestals are recommended if you want to separate them from the surface they are placed on and make them more attractive.

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