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Flag Case

Flags symbolize a nation and a country, and they are the principal part of special events, military occasions or activities, and the veterans' funerals.

Hence, they are passed down as heirlooms in the families to indicate patriotism and respect, and affection for the services. That's why it is important to know how to display american flag and display it properly.


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What Is the Proper Way to Display A Flag in A Case?

As a flag symbolizes a country and the values placed on that nation, it should also be preserved and displayed accordingly.

Therefore, the flags used in funerals, burials, special events are required to be displayed in a triangle shape, and therefore, there are triangle flag cases available.

How to Choose the Right Flag Case?

Flag cases are sleek furniture to display your patriotism or honor family members' service and hard work.

They can be used as military flag cases or memorial flag cases to preserve the American flag in honor of veterans, polices, firefighters, or officers in your family.

In addition, they can be a part of your decoration both in your house and in your office or can easily be matched with certificate display cases to show your success.

Flag Case and American Flag

As a flag case is an eye-catching piece in the room's dรฉcor, it is important to choose the right flag display case and place the flag properly in it.

Thus, this post will inform you about how to choose the proper flag case and how to fold a flag and put it in properly.

  • To begin with, the primary thing to consider when choosing a flag case is the size of the flag that you intend to preserve.
  • The memorial flags can vary in size, and therefore, it is advised you should know the approximate size of your flag before choosing.
  • Commemorative flags generally measure 3'x5' and adequately fit into the 3x5 flag cases atย Decomil Store.
  • Furthermore, you can browse larger flag display cases to fit up to 5x9 flags used as burial or funeral flags.
  • Flag cases are used to preserve a keepsake, and therefore, they are demanded to be sleek and durable.

Consequently, they are mainly produced from wood as the frame and glass and plexiglass as the front. Lastly, you should also decide where to place them.

You can put it on your table or display stand, and you can hang it on your wall. Moreover, you can also combine them with certificate display cases to remember your family's contribution to your success.


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How to Fold A Flag for A Flag Case?

Before starting to fold the flag, place it horizontally on a waist-level table. Afterward, fold the stripe section lengthwise over the starry part.

Then, fold the flag lengthwise again but make sure that the starry section stays outside.

After that, make a triangular fold at the striped end and fold this part in parallel to the open edge. Repeat this until the end of the flag and creating a starry triangle.

How Do You Put A Flag in A Flag Case?

After folding the flag, place the display case on a table upside down (glass part to the table) and remove the back cover.

Put the flag into the flag display case and press the flag to fit it wholly into the case. Lastly, fix the back cover again, and it is ready to display.

Where To Buy Flag Cases?

Decomil Store is the easiest way to buy a variety of flag display cases.ย We make ordering processes smooth, fast, and easy.

To buy flag cases and to grab the latest discount offer, visit;ย

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