How To Display The American Flag

How To Display The American Flag

American flag display is an important part of American life as of many other nations. Many Americans want to show their national flags on special days, typically from June 14 to July 4. Whatever the date or the reason, the American flag display should be in accordance with the general rules defined in the U.S. Flag Code.

In this post, you will read about the flag of the United States of America and how to display it under certain regulations.

Flag of the United States of America

The U.S. flag has 13 red horizontal stripes on a white background and a blue rectangle in the left-top corner. In the blue rectangle area, there are a total of 50 white stars. The 13 red horizontal stripes symbolize the 13 original Old Glory colonies, and the white stars in the blue rectangular area represent the 50 states. Many other countries use this basis for their flags, such as Liberia, Puerto Rico, and Chile.

Display the American Flag

Some regulations are ruling how to display the American flag at home or indifferent public places. Therefore, we advise you to read these guidelines before displaying the flag of United States of America.

General Rules for the American Flag Display

American flag display is especially called for on special occasions like state and national holidays. However, you can display the flag anytime as long as you follow the regulations.

For example, American flag display is allowed during the daytime only. However, if you illuminate the flag and make it apparent at night, you can still display it in your house.

Also, American flag display is not allowed on rainy or snowy days as well as windstorms. Therefore, it is advised you not put the flag on a normal day but ignore it later.

The flag shouldn’t be drawn back in folds, and it should always be flown or kept flat. Finally, the American flag display should be shown at half of the staff until noon on Memorial Day.

American Flag Display On A House

 The proper ways to display American Flag

Many people want to display the U.S. flag on their houses, whether it is a certain day or a regular day. This might be a reason or a result of some patriotic or belonging feelings. There are a few things to consider before displaying a American flag.

The American flag display should be flat, and its folds should fall free. If you display it to the street, the union should face to the north or east depending on the direction of the street.

The union should be at the top point if the flag is displayed from a building in a projecting position. Also, if the U.S. flag is to be displayed with the flags of states or cities at a building, it should be placed at the highest position.

 The ways to display American flag properly

If you prefer to display the American flag inside the house or offices, you can use American flag cases. If you use the flag display case, you will protect the flag from possible damages, show your respect and add a nice atmosphere to your home or office.

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American Flag Display from a Staff or in a Procession

American Flag proper display on parade

We can also see flags displayed by staff or carried by people in a procession.
If it is a procession that you would like to display the American flag, make sure that the flag should be placed on the marching right (the flag’s right). If there are other flags, the U.S. flag should be in front of the line of flags in a central position.

When the American flag display is desired with another flag against a wall from crossed staffs, the American flag display should be positioned on the left to a person facing the flags. Also, remember to put the U.S. flag at the highest mid-position when a group of flags is displayed from staff.

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