What is a Challenge Coin?

what is challenge coin

Challenge coins are principally popular among the military, law enforcers and firefighters and it has different purposes and meanings.

This popularity may bring some questions to minds such as what is a challenge coin? Or what is the importance of it? In this article we hope to answer all these questions, their usage areas, challenge coin history, and where to buy them.

The Design and the Meaning of the Challenge Coins

Challenge coin is a coin or medallion which bears an emblem or logo. It is traditionally molded from metal and round in shape.

However, challenge coins can be customized and crafted as 2D or 3D, with upgraded edges thanks to the advancing technology. They can have an infinite number of shapes or patterns, depending on the purposes or the design.

Challenge coins indicate membership to an important institution or organization, and they reflect the hard work and remarkable contribution of the bearer to these institutions.

There are various usage areas of challenge coins as follows:

  • Military challenge coins
  • Police challenge coins
  • Firefighters challenge coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Corporate coins
  • School, University, Team coins
  • Charity coins


challenge coins, Many Types of Challenge Coins

History of the Challenge Coins

There is no a definite record for the first use of the challenge coins and challenge coin history. There are two different historical stories about their emergence.

The first dates back to the Romans. The Roman soldiers were granted “bonus coins” for their successes in their duty as well as their salaries.

The other widespread story dates back to World War I, when the commander of an air squadron distributed coins to his personnel, bearing the emblem of their squadron.

What is a challenge coin

This American fighter pilot had to make a forced landing in the German territory during his duty. He was taken captive to a prisoner camp, but thanks to the British attack on the facility, the American fighter pilot could escape and reach the French territory.

However, as he did not have anything to identify himself, he was detained by the French. Yet, before getting killed by the French soldiers, he showed the coin in his pocket and could survive.

The first officially recorded use of the challenge coins occurred during the Korean War when they were used by military personnel.

What is Military Challenge Coin?

As previously mentioned, the challenge coins are of military origins and primarily used by the military staff.

Military challenge coins typically bear the emblem or logo of the military unit on one side and the rank of the personnel on the other.

Military Challenge Coins

They mainly represent the sacrifice and the bravery of the soldiers and intend to honor their service to the country.

Furthermore, they symbolize unity and brotherhood among the soldiers and show their dedication to the country and the military.

In addition, the military challenge coins are invaluable mementos that will be passed down to future generations in the family.

They will contribute to the remembrance of the veterans throughout the family history as a lasting keepsake of them. You can always cherish their memories for long years.

What Does It Mean to Be Given A Challenge Coin?

Besides obtaining a challenge coin for yourself, you can also give it as a gift to other people to show how much you appreciate their service to the country. Furthermore, it will instill pride in the receiver and raise their sense of pride and accomplishment.

Where to Buy Challenge Coins?

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