Kids Wooden Table and Chairs, 4 Color Option, 2 Chairs and 1 Activity Table

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✨Design: The product is intended for use by children aged 3 years and older. It includes a large tabletop, useful and comfortable small chairs so that your children can do all their activities and do not compromise on their comfort. Plus, they're all designed to be easy to carry and lightweight.

ğŸŽ¨Various Uses: You can call it kids room table, kids dining table, kids picnic table,it is suitable for your child's use at home or outside. With this wooden table, your child will have the ideal space for drawing, painting, jigsaw, and other educational activities. In addition, this table will be an essential part of small picnics for socializing.

🌳Material: Your child is your most precious. By following this invariable base, this product does not contain any paint materials, odors or textures that will harm your children. Solid and real wood is used in the product. In addition, it will add beauty to the space you use with 4 different vivid color options.

🖐Easy to Clean: Your children can use this table a bit messy and dirty in accordance with the nature of being a child. No problem at all. Thanks to the material used and the coating, simply wiping with a wet and soapy cloth will be sufficient to ensure that the product can be cleaned.

📐Dimensions: Table: 25x19x18. The Dimensions of the Chair:11x11x18