DECOMIL – Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer | Plastic Bag Organizer |Baggie Organizer Dispenser for Drawer | Food Storage Bag Organizer

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An organized look in the kitchen means more than finding what you are looking for quickly and easily. Whether you spend a long time or stop by once in a while, the organized kitchen is a part of the peace at home. We offer you a product that will provide you with this peace of mind. An ziplock bag container organizer for scattered ziplock bags in cabinets and drawers. 4 different containers for 4 different ziplocks. With its separable design, you can use your ziploc bag holder in your drawer or on the counter. In order to save you from all kinds of trouble, we have written information on all boxes with laser engraving. Contribute to the tidy look in your kitchen with its durable and natural bamboo structure and useful design.

FITS PERFECTLY -  4-piece design for 4 types of ziplocks. Our ziplock bag storage organizer is specially designed for Gallon, Sandwich, Snack and Quart sized ziplock bags of most of the brands. You can buy them safely without any worries.

SMART DESIGN – Each box is laser engraved with its name so that you can easily distinguish it when you open your drawer or cabinet. Also, it is very easy to refill the plastic bag organizer with its wide mouth openings. We have thought of everything for you. Whether you use your ziplock organizer on the counter or in your drawer, the anti-slip pads will prevent the boxes from slipping.

KITCHEN ORGANIZER - Whether narrow drawers or wide cabinets, we chose the detachable 4-piece design so that you can easily fit anywhere and make your own design. If you want, you can place it inside your cabinet or use it as separate pieces on your counter. This product is a must-have product for kitchen organizations.

REAL BAMBOO STRUCTURE –  We preferred bamboo, which is the ideal material for kitchen organizers, for durability and naturalness. In this way, you will get a ziplock bag holder that you can use safely for a much longer time than its plastic counterparts.

IDEAL DIMENSIONS – 3 of the boxes that can be separated from each other are in the size of 8.4 x 3 x 4 and the other one is in the size of 12 x 3 x 5. You can get a regular shape in a drawer by bringing them all together. You can use each one individually as standing if you want. With its large bag capacity, it will save you from constantly refilling.



DECOMIL – Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer | Plastic Bag Organizer |Baggie Organizer Dispenser for Drawer | Food Storage Bag Organizer

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