Bamboo Bread Box ,Storage Box for Bakery Products, 2 Layer Design,15 x 9.8 x 14.2

$49.95 $40.95 40.95


  • ā†”SPACIOUS AND CONVENIENT DESIGN: Our product is designed with a removable panel right in the middle. Thanks to this panel that acts as a shelf, you can keep many different small and large bakery products together in a way that they stay fresh without touching each other. In addition, thanks to the removable shelf option, you can easily fit the large pastry, cake, or bakery product you bought without ruining its shape
  • šŸŖFRESH PRODUCTS: The sliding lid on the product cuts off the contact with the air to a large extent, delaying the staleness of the products and keeping them fresh, as well as providing an easy use with its sliding structure compared to the lidded design.
  • āœ”VARIOUS USE: Although this product is called a bread box, it helps you to keep your belongings organized, regardless of the product and place it is used in. You can easily store any product suitable for its size in it. It also offers the option to store products that you do not want your pets and children to have easy access to.
  • šŸŒ³NATURAL LOOK: The unique texture and color of the bamboo and the smart design of the product will make a natural and stylish contribution to the atmosphere of the place you use. Like an elegant accessory
  • šŸ–BOMBOO MATERIAL AND EASY TO CARRY: Bamboo material is used in this product to be both stronger and longer-lasting. In addition, the unique color and structure of bamboo will add a nostalgic and pleasant atmosphere to the environment in which it is used. The crumbs and greases of the products you store in the bread box can be easily cleaned by wiping with a simple cloth.