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Military Challenge Coins, Enlisted and Officer RanksMilitary Challenge Coins, Enlisted and Officer Ranks and dimensions of coins

Custom Challenge Coins: Design Your Own Unique Keepsakes

Have you ever wondered what could hold a small medal? Wars, achievements, long and unending missions, turning points in history, special moments, and memories that can't be erased, a tiny custom challenge coin can hold all your memories. All you need to do is keep it safe and pass it on.

What is the best way to restore your memories with these custom challenge coins? As Decomil, these coins became a passion for us as a result of our assignment to the U.S. Army in Iraq. Contact us and let us know what kind of challenge coin you are looking for (for yourself or a gift), what kind of design you are looking for, and your material preferences. Let us prove to you how sincerely we do this profession. Below you can examine what exactly they are and their meanings.

What is a Custom Challenge Coin?

A custom challenge coin is generally a small coin in the shape of a circle, and they carry the symbol, logo, or emblem of the meaning they carry. Custom challenge coins can be given to members of the organization or specific individuals to leverage the success of an organization or a single person.

The first use of military challenge coins among American soldiers dates back to the first world war. It was widely used in the following years, especially after the second world war. Custom challenge coins are usually used to motivate military staff, workers, or those working for the government, but today companies also use them to motivate their employees.

What is the Purpose of Challenge Coins?

Custom challenge coins can be given for different purposes depending on the organization it represents and the nature of the task. They are often given for the following purposes.

  • Demonstrating your affiliation with a specific organization by using custom challenge coins is possible.
  • Custom challenge coins are granted after having completed your mission successfully. They are also given to encourage group members.
  • They increase a sense of belonging to a group by making members feel more connected.
  • They allow others to get to know you better. These coins allow you to showcase your organization, your tasks, and your achievements.
  • Collecting custom challenge coins can be a source of income for collectors.
  • It commemorates a significant event and rewards an involved person.
  • For hobby purposes, challenge coins can also be collected and exhibited.

Where did Custom Challenge Coins Originate?

The challenge coin history date back to the Roman period. In Roman times, soldiers were given a medal called the "sigilla" to show their devotion. Especially in times of war, these medals were of great importance for recognizing their soldiers and preventing confusion.

In modern times, the first examples of the custom challenge coin date back to the first world war. After an American soldier escapes from enemy captivity, he uses the coin given to the soldiers in his regiment to convince the French soldiers that he is an ally and thus manages to save his life. It has now become a tradition to use custom challenge coins, especially in the armed forces.

Who Uses Custom Challenge Coins?

Today, custom challenge coins are used in a wide range of fields despite their symbolic meaning for certain professions. The most common usage areas of them are seen in military units. Besides the military, there are police, marine, coast guard, etc., challenge coins.

Additionally, there are challenge coins such as healthcare law enforcement, firefighter challenge coins and etc. Furthermore, they represent their honorable missions among social clubs, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

Types of Custom Challenge Coins

Various types and shapes of them have been designed for different purposes. The most popular of these types are:

1. Military Unit or Commander Coins

A military challenge coin is usually awarded to a commander to commemorate their achievement in office or to members of a force to recognize their accomplishments. Army, navy, air force, and police challenge coins can be categorized in this group.

2. Commemorative Coins:

Commemorative custom challenge coins are given on the anniversaries of significant events or accomplishments. An example would be coins given at anniversary celebrations such as the 50th or 100th.

3. Achievement Coins:

Achievement Coins are given to immortalize any achievement in the civil or military field. These coins honor individuals for their achievements, skill, or effort.

4. Retirement Coins:

To honor the service of retiring personnel, custom challenge coins are presented to them after they have retired after serving for many years.

The types of challenge coins can be expanded beyond these. They, however, can also be given depending on the significance and importance of each event.

Can I Design My Own Custom Challenge Coin?

Yes, whether for your employees or the soldiers in your unit, you can share your design coin manufacturers and create your special. Alternatively, you can request that the coin designers create your desired design. Typically, custom challenge coins range in diameter from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. You can choose your colors and finish options from the sizes available to you.  

How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost?

Challenge coins for sale are offered with different price options depending on the material, design, and size. Prices are determined primarily by how many pieces of the same design will be produced. In the case of making a small number of custom challenge coins, you will have to pay a high fee. As the number of numbers you want to buy increases, the price of the coin you want to buy will decrease.

How Long Does It Take to Produce Custom Challenge Coins?

During the production process of coins, designing and making molds are the most time-consuming steps. Following the reveal of the first product, a sample design is created based on the product's approval process and the desired changes. Following these stages, the production process can be completed in one or a few days, depending on the number requested and company capacity. 

Are Custom Challenge Coins Considered Valuable Collector's Items?

Yes, custom challenge coins are often valued as collector's items. In addition to their potential resale value, they are also valued for their sentimental value or historical significance. Among their non-profitable attributes are historical significance, rare or limited editions, unique designs, and personal significance.

Are Custom Challenge Coins a Common Gift for Special Occasions?

Yes, they are pleasing gifts. Because they're personalized, unique, and symbolic, they're the perfect gift for a lot of events and milestones. They're great for events like anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and etc. Also, they are a nice way to honor someone on a special day. 

Can Custom Challenge Coins Be Used for Branding or Corporate Identity?

Custom coins are a great way to brand your company and display your corporate identity for a wide range of purposes. Businesses and organizations can use customized challenge coins to promote their brand, values, and identity uniquely and creatively, giving them an advantage over their competitors.  

Are There Any Famous or Notable Custom Challenge Coin Stories?

Of course, they are the subject of dozens or even hundreds of interesting stories. Here are a few famous stories that emerged in the last decades.

1. Iraq Campaign Challange Coin

It is a custom challenge coin issued in memory of the soldiers who fought in Iraq for the freedom of America.

2. Vietnam Challenge Coin

This Vietnam Service Medal Challenge Coin was issued to honor veterans' service in the Vietnam War.

3. US Air Force Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is given in reference to the American Air Force air campaign in 2003.

4. September 11th, 2001 Memorial Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is stamped in the memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Whatever the reason, a custom challenge coin is always made to be respected and appreciated. At Decomil, we understand their significance and produce them as a symbol of respect for you. All materials we use in our productions are designed so that they will not lose their quality for a lifetime.

We also offer high-quality solutions for your custom challenge coin display case requests. We will provide you with all the support you need in this regard from our specialists specializing in the design of challenge coins. You can reach us at any time.