How to Organize a Jewelry Armoire

How to Organize a Jewelry Armoire
A jewelry armoire is bedroom furniture used to store your valuable jewelry and simple ornaments such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc. It has different compartments and drawers to put each type separately.

There are many types of jewelry armoires with dozens of colors and shapes. A wall mount jewelry armoire, for example, is more practical if you need extra space in your bedroom, while a large standing jewelry armoire would make perfect furniture if you have a spacious bedroom.

You can also prefer both types with a mirror, too. A mirror jewelry armoire would make high utility in your bedrooms.

It is a bad idea to toss them randomly on a counter or a drawer where you pile everything in for jewelry. Firstly, jewelry accessories are usually too expensive to throw away; they can get lost easily.

After all, you use most of these items every day. That’s why it needs special care to store them wisely and practically so you can quickly grab them every morning.

In this article, you will find valuable ideas on how to organize your jewelry armoire to make life easier for you.

how to choose a jewelry armoire

Most basically, you should organize a jewelry armoire by type. Categorize your ornaments as watches, necklaces, brooches, rings, and earrings. Or group them as gold, silver, plastic, etc. Or label them by style, everyday items, special events, fashion, etc.

The ideal way is to store your belongings as they are worn. For example, you should hang the necklaces to keep them knot-free. In the same way, use an organizer to put your rings, earrings, and watches.

Furthermore, use the top drawers to put the most favorite items you frequently use. And use the bottom drawers for items that you use once in a while. It is also life-saving to label your ornaments as keep it, discard, or give away and store them separately.

One last thing concerns protecting expensive jewelry from outer effects. It would help if you considered factors such as temperature and moisture inside the room to keep your precious personal accessories safe from tarnishing and dust.

Why Do You Need a Jewelry Armoire?

Jewelry armoire gives you the comfort of accessing your accessory quickly besides being perfect storage among bedroom furnitures. We are living a hectic life. Women and men, we are always in a rush. Time is what we need most in this age.

Therefore, no matter if you are a man or woman, we want to leave home as quickly as possible not to be late for work. In this case, a jewelry armoire is a life-saver because it saves you time by presenting you with the perfect watch or the favorite earrings you want to wear that morning.

Moreover, historically, women have been keen on jewelry. Rich or poor, every woman has a collection of accessories ranging from rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Imagine how much space you would need when men join this collection with at least a couple of watches. This makes a well-organized jewelry armoire indispensable home furniture that every bedroom needs today.

Are Jewelry Armoires Outdated?

Jewelry armoires have never been outdated. The use of jewelry armoires is not new. In history, people used these boxes to store a variety of items. As its name suggests, they were initially used to keep war equipment such as armors.

Later, wealthier families realized it would make a chic wardrobe in their bedrooms. The primary function of the jewelry armoire hasn’t changed since then; they have been associated with our most valuable possessions.

Today, jewelry armoires come in dozens of different types and shapes. They still offer an elegant use of storage for contemporary families. So, the most important point is to know how to choose a jewelry armoire for your room or decor. A modern jewelry armoire is more practical; you can move them in any part of your house besides bedrooms. That’s why people will never give up on such a piece of furniture.

How to Build Your Own Jewelry Armoire?

Jewelry armoires look lighter and simpler than other furniture. However, deep inside, you will realize how complicated their design is. Yet, you may choose to put together things for your own.

Jewelry Armonie

You will find instructions simply on the internet, too. Initially, you need to find stuff from a hardware store; woods, mirrors, clamps, glues, hooks, screws, etc. Besides, you will need enough time and essential tools at home. If you prefer one with drawers, things may get more complicated when creating your jewelry armoire.

On the other hand, there are jewelry boxes that you can buy somewhere in your surroundings. They may come at meager prices, too. You should be lucky to find the ideal one, however. Therefore, the best you can do is do good research for the armoire you want. You will be lucky to find a quality online shop for the ideal armoire that matches your style.

Where to Buy Jewelry Armoire?

A well-organized jewelry armoire is what every home deserves. Now that we are sure of the high utility they present to our life, it is time to look for the ideal one for your house. Decomil Store is a trusted online shopping site where you can find the ideal jewelry armoire for your precious ornaments and a perfect gift.

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