How To Display Challenge Coins?

how to display challenge coins

Challenge coins are small medallions or coins with an emblem of a specific group or organization like an army. You have numerous options as a challenge coin holders to display the challenge coins. So, Let's learn what challenge coin is first, then dive into options you have as coin stand.

What is Challenge Coin?

The tradition to give a coin as a gift started with the Roman Empire. Romans awarded their successful soldiers with coins. With time the coins turned to medals which were given for memorable events.

coin holders is one of the best way to display challenge coins properly

The first-time using coins to represent being in an individual group was in the 17th century used by Protestants in France.

Tradition Of Challenge Coin

Challenge coin tradition is a form of checking if all the group members carry their coin with themself. It started in the 1950s with the 17th Infantry Regiment. The Challenger takes out its coin and puts it on the table; all present members also have to display their coins. If one of the members does not have his coin, he must buy drinks for all present members.

However, if all members have their coins, the challenger has to buy the drinks for all present members. Therefore, if you are not challenged anymore, keeping them on the challenge coin holder might be better. For the individual challenge coins or who want to display multiple coins one by one, the plastic coin holder is the most functional decor.

Why Do You Need a Challenge Coin Holder?

Nowadays, the coins with special designs are mostly used as a group membership certificate for certain civil or military organizations. Especially in Army, the challenge coins are very common.


how to display challenge coins

They are used for membership or recognition, especially for dangerous missions. Also, they help to improve the belonging in the group. It creates bonds between group members.

Deserving and collecting coins are very hard, but another concern is how to preserve and display challenge coins. Storing them in a box is not a suitable way for well-deserved achievements. These accomplishments need to be seen, and their stories need to be told. Challenge coin holder is a perfect gift for honorable heroes who were awarded many times with challenge coins.

Challenge Coin Holder Designs

Challenge coin holder is a decoration object that exhibits your treasured hard-earned military or challenge coins. There are variable designs models available created just for coins and poker chips. You can choose to show one particular coin on a special coin holder, or you can show all your treasured coins together with a coin display case that is the perfect size for your all coin collection. There are four main coin display cases for multiple coins.


displaying coins

Challenge Coin Holder With Rows

Row designs with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows challenge coin holder provides exact space for your coins and exhibit them in an aesthetic way that would complete your interior design.

Additionally, shelf design challenge coin holder, which is available with 3, 4, or 5 rows, allows seeing all coins at once with tier design.


Pyramid Coin Display Rack

Pyramid Shaped Challenge Coin Holder

Pyramid Challenge Coin Holder with multi-tier exhibits the coins from all angles. These models would be perfect for tabletop or on a shelf.

Lockable Challenge Coin Cabinet for displaying challenge coins

Challenge Coin Display Case with Lockable Door

This challenge coin holder is a model with a lockable glass cover you can hang on the wall. It is perfect for lack of space and preventing any dust and fingerprints.

In conclusion, challenge coins are rooted in a long history of our military world, which should be passed to future generations. It is essential to exhibit these precious coins and reveal the stories behind them.

Custom-designed challenge coin holder models of Decomil Store are perfect for coins and chips. You can protect and display good memories in the most aesthetic way that would perfectly fit your room decoration.

Challenge coin holders are the perfect gift for Veterans Day, President Day, 4th of July, Officers, Special Forces, Welcome Home celebrations, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and other unique occasions.

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