Top 7 Desktop Challenge Coin Display Cases

top 7 Desktop challenge coin display cases

Our life is full of unforgettable moments. Little medals symbolizing these moments deserve to be displayed in the best way possible. However, there is always a better way to display these medals. If you are stuck among many alternatives, we recommend you look at our article, which will help you in this regard.

Do Challenge Coins Have Value?

Coins with a high sentimental value make excellent gifts for hardworking employees or professionals. They are made to honor a group or individual who has achieved something significant, which makes them treasured by the recipient.

Our unique desktop challenge coin display is a great way to convey your company's values and tradition of integrity. Having others acknowledge your efforts is gratifying and can't be replaced by anything else.

What is The Best Way to Display a Coin Collection?

Having a collection of rare coins probably makes you consider where you should store them or whether you should display them. People prefer desktop challenge coin displays to prevent valuable items from being lost in the corner of their walls or showcases. Furthermore, the most eye-catching designs in this field have been developed in the challenge coin desk display.

Top 7 Desktop challenge coin display Cases

Coins and other collectibles don't deserve to be kept in a drawer. Instead, you can gift your friends or colleagues these flashy challenge coin holdersย and let them show off themselves.


Pyramid Shape Desktop challenge coin display

Pyramid Shaped Challenge Coin Display

Pyramid-shaped desk coin holder offers a different style for those looking for something unique. With the pyramid design, you can highlight your medallions, which are more valuable to you.

It also holds up to 22 coins as well as a nameplate section, which rotates along with the pyramid coin holder.

Handcrafted from the cherry coating on solid wood, the pyramid shaped challenge coinโ€™s design and color can suit every space, making it the perfect gift for people in business, soldiers, and collectors alike.

Thanks to its solid structure, this product will never lose its elegant style, making it a meaningful gift for your loved ones.


3 Raws Desktop challenge coin display case

3 Rows Challenge Coin Display Case

With their ideal size and stylish design, 3 rows challenge coin stands occupy very little space on your desk due to their thin and short design and their vertical structure that doesn't disturb you.

With careful handcraft, this product is prepared with cherry coating on solid wood and can hold up to 15 coins.

If you make your loved one happy with this product as a birthday or Christmas gift, you will remain in their memories whenever they want to look at their precious items.

Don't let your values get lost for the military challenge, sports fan coins, scout coins, and more; give them the value they deserve with these special coin holders.


4 rows Desktop challenge coin display

4 Rows Challenge Coin Display Holder

Putting your coins and medals on display? With this striking product, your guests will notice your collections better.

Due to grooves hidden on each shelf, four raw challenge coin display holders will stylishly exhibit your coins. They can hold up to 40 coins.

Since it is covered with the eye-catching color of cherry wood on quality wood, it will adapt to any new environment, regardless of the color.

Handcrafted with care, this product will reflect the value you place on your medals or collections. Gifts like this can also carry a means to someone you care about.


Desktop challenge coin display

4 Rows Coin Stand with Armed Forces Engraving

For precious items, simple screens are the best. For example, if you have these special Armed Forces medals, choose a simple holder to highlight your medallions.

4 rows challenge coin stand, which display up to 12 valuable coins, will bring a touch of class to your home or office. They are also a polite way to express precious items.

Their wooden construction retains its shape for years and can be matched with almost any furniture or accessory.

As a gift for your friend, it is a great choice as you will be remembered as long as he sees his most precious medals on your gift.


3D floating Desktop challenge coin display

3D Floating Frame Display Holder

Would you like a simple, uncomplicated design suitable for your style to carry your most precious gifts? Then, Decomil all purpose display may be just the product you are looking for.

With the dimensions of 2.75 x 2.75 x 0.75 inches, you can display your valuable coins, such as military coins, medals, or your gemstones, jewelry, photos, and specimens.

The stylish round base makes it an ideal organizer for tables, or it can be hung on the wall. All you have to do is mount this extremely lightweight product to your desk or wall using double-sided tape, which is not included in the product.

These stylish products are also a good way to create a floating effect on your coins. The solid flexible transparent PET membrane holds your coins tightly on both sides, thus giving your medals a precious look by creating a feeling of standing freely in the middle of the frame.

Transparent membranes are very tightly attached to the frame and prevent dust from penetrating inside. So, you can preserve your valuable collections for years without even being touched by dust.


1 row desktop challenge coin display

1 Rows Coin Holder for All Your Coins

1 Row Challenge Coin Holder is perfect for those who want to display their most valuable medals or coins in a simple manner.

On this product, you can display 10-12 medals or coin collections, which will look great on the front of your desk in your office.

Designed with its lines on a single walnut wood piece, this product displays the value of your coins. It is also a good gift option, and it will be nice to see your close friendsโ€™ most cherished memories displayed on your gift.

Whether it's to keep your memories alive like Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses on it, or to display your collections of rare coins, the 1 Row Coin Holder will reveal your values.



2 rows desktop coin display case

2 Rows Challenge Coin Holder for all Your Collections

The 2 rows challenge coin holder is a good choice for those looking for a simple yet effective solution.

Despite its small dimensions, the 2 Rows Challenge Coin Holder can display about 10-12 medals and easily fit into all of your spaces regardless of where it resides on your desks or showcases.

Due to its single piece of walnut wood construction, it is both highly durable and scratch-resistant. In addition, this holder's unique design and lines will convey to others the value of precious medals or collections.

It's good for showcasing your collections and achievements. For example, you can display a mission achievement that is valuable to you, a Special Forces accomplishment, a Navy achievement, or a firefighter duty.

Where to Buy Challenge Coin Display?

Challenge coins are the most valuable assets for most of us. However, owning them also entails the responsibility of displaying them at their best. In fulfilling this commitment, Decomil's beautiful alternatives, from simple designs to stylish and eye-catching designs, will help you.

With the nostalgic look of wood and its modern design, your coins will reach the value they deserve. Our more straightforward desktop challenge coin displays are made of walnut wood, and as our products get more extensive and detailed, they also become even more striking with cherry coating.

Can Anyone Buy a Custom Coin?

Challenge coins are a form of a gift from military tradition. Today, many companies use them as a symbol of honor to reward their employees.
It is also possible to buy these quite common products or to have them custom-made for you.

Besides reflecting the spirit of an organization, they are the best reminders of a successful job. In some cases, they are presented as people who have achieved something special; in others, they symbolize starting a mission in the Navy or Army.

By displaying coins of organizations, you value and care about, you can add a different ambiance to your office or home. You don't need to feel like you have to be a part of those tasks to display them. You just love, and value is enough to have them.

If you like the eagle-patterned Air Force medals or the Special Forces coins that emphasize power, you can buy the coins whatever you want.

There are also challenge coins designed for many organizations, such as civil organizations, fire departments, private companies, universities, etc. Additionally, producers will assist you in designing your own challenge coins if you want to design your own coin.

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