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Most of us have collections of different stuff ranging from traditional stamp collections to coins or books. However, when making a collection, another problem arises and finding new pieces to add to the collection pool: Preserving them. At this point, display cases come front. Let’s see the details about display cases.

Why do I need a display case?

Collections are precious to us, and we care about their condition. Furthermore, we enjoy seeing them as an exhibition in a visible place in our houses or offices and displaying them to other people.

Here, enclosed display cases or display shelf cases bring us the solution. They offer us enough space to store and preserve them in a secure and clean place and allow us to demonstrate our collection by arranging them neatly. Moreover, they enhance their appeal and reflect their importance.

flag display case

What do you put in a display case?

You can put almost all the things that you feel attached to and want to display. For instance, if you are fond of glassware, you can prefer a shot glass display case to arrange and exhibit your collection.

Or, if you are a book enthusiast, it will be better for you to choose an enclosed glass display case to display the books while protecting them from dust and water.

Additionally, you may want to place your certificates or diplomas along with a flag that reminds you of your family memories.


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Furthermore, you can arrange your challenge coins in a stand and display them in a display case, or you can even display your flowers or plants on a display shelf case. In sum, display cases or display cabinets can hold anything you treasure.

ball display case

Types of display cases

There are various kinds of display boxes or display cases available on the market, but they can be grouped under three main divisions which are:

Tower display shelves

These are better for saving place and vertical display. They can fit into the smaller spaces and contribute to the elegance of your room.

Wall-mounted display cases

Despite their low capacity to bear the load, they can be preferred for displaying documents, flags, etc. They let you decorate your wall as well.

Countertop/Pedestal display cases

These display cases are suitable for exhibiting your stuff in a transparent case.
Apart from these main groups, there are also material alternatives and numerous design varieties, among which you can make your selection in accordance with your needs. Therefore, determining your needs and preferences becomes significant here.

How to choose the right display case?

When deciding type of display case to buy, it is significant to consider your collectibles.

For example, if you have a ball from an important match, the cube-shaped single ball holders will be a sleek and elegant choice, and they will easily match your room’s décor.

Or, if you have plants, books, or pictures to display, the enclosed glass display cases with shelves will perfectly suit your needs.

Apart from the collectibles, you should also take your room’s decoration into account when deciding on the right display case.

Modern styled rooms can be better matched with the glass display cases, while the wooden shot glass display cases, for instance, can add additional elegance to your house when it is matched to the color of the furniture or the walls.

Lastly, it would help if you decided where to place your display case or display cabinets. This decision depends on your collectibles’ condition and their weight as well.

Where to buy flag display cases?

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