35 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas in 2023

Bathroom Storage Ideas in 2023

If your bathroom is too messy and you believe no arrangement will work, you will definitely find one of these 35 methods to fit your bathroom.

You can, of course, customize these methods based on your bathroom storage ideas that minimize clutter. 

How Do I Organize My Bathroom?

Frequently used items need a practical storage area. The products such as personal care products, cleaning tools, make-up materials, and towels need to be stored in a convenient and organized manner.

A functional bathroom storage cabinet design is needed for a spacious bathroom and for keeping products in different categories regularly. 

Rolling the towels saves space and gives them a stylish appearance. For another aesthetic touch, wicker baskets can be added to the open shelves, and items such as soap, shampoo, shower gel, and washcloths can be stored inside.

The options for larger bathrooms are more assorted. For example, you can use cabinets for washing machines and dryers, decorate the shelves by displaying towels, or choose a bathtub instead of a shower cabin where you can place functional accessories around it.

35 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

We've compiled a comprehensive list of bathroom storage ideas that not only increase the storage potential of your bathroom but also add style.


Ladder Like Storage for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Use ladder-like Products for Vertical Storage;

With a decorative stair, you can add functionality, a Scandinavian atmosphere to your bathroom, and a wooden stool to complete the look.

You can also decorate your staircase more attractively with storage boxes, baskets, or houseplants if you design it with shelves.


Sliding Sheves for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Sliding Shelves Behind the Mirrors

An effective solution for your bathroom would be to convert the back of your bathroom mirror into a cabinet. This will both open up more space and provide an easy-to-use, quickly accessible area. 

A smart industrial design can be preferred for this type of cabinet, which gives your bathroom a contemporary look.


 Stools for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Benefit from Stools

Stools with shelves are functional equipment in bathrooms and are quite useful on the sides of the bathtub or jacuzzi.

Make sure that the stool you choose in the bathroom is resistant to water and humidity. Bamboo stools, while standing out with their elegance, don’t lose their features for years.

The stools can hold your soaps, shampoos, creams, and many other bath essentials. 


Knitting basket on a wall for a bathroom storage

Knitting Baskets Hanging on the Wall

You can choose to hang decorative baskets on the wall of your bathroom. For this, you need to find round, short baskets of bamboo. Then, all you have to do is hang the knitted baskets on your wall so that you can put your towels there.


Using old candle holders for bathroom decoration purposes

Repurpose Old Candle-Holders 

You can use candle holders by adding two stylish plates above and below the candle them that we often place in living rooms. You will appreciate this very stylish-looking idea.


Bathroom Storage Ideas For Towels

Create Practical Spaces for Towels

By placing long decorative belts on the bottom of the shelves, you can roll and place your towels between them. As it offers a practical solution, it will also be designed in an innovative way.


Using Towel Ring for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Towel Ring

You can design a circular towel rack from large colored beads. You can show your taste to your guests with this design that will look very stylish next to your sink.


Wall mounted Towel Storage Sticks for bathroom

Towel Storage Holder from Flat Wooden Sticks

You can mount two decorative arches on the wall and place the wooden sticks on it, which you hang your towels on.


 Bamboo Standing sheves for Bathroom

Bamboo Standing Shelf with Tiers

Natural-looking bamboo shelves will add a different touch to your bathroom. You can allocate a corner in your bathrooms to these creative shelves, which attract attention with the functionality and angular structure provided by the vertical design.

Bamboo shelves will be the right choice as the bamboo does not lose its feature and doesn't deform. Therefore, this product will adapt to your bathroom whether you prefer a simple, modern style or a vintage design.


Bathroom Storage Ideas dividing bathroom with curtain

You Can Divide Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is large enough, you can divide it with glass or tiles. Dividing the bathroom might sound like a thorough idea, but customizing your jacuzzi or shower will add a simple classic Japanese style.


Aged Metal Wore for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bath Detail with Aged Metal Wore

The surroundings of your bathtub offer different functions where you can use it practically. For example, you might consider framed bath boxes made of wire with a curved arm to hang them.

Bathroom Transportable Storage

Transportable Storage

Wheeled bathroom storage is one of the distinctive options. If you think that it will be a practical solution for your needs in the bathroom, you can choose this type of storage tool.


 Use Basket for Bathroom Storage Ideas

Use a Basket for Toilet Paper

Instead of placing the toilet paper like a pyramid every time, a basket in which you will store the toilet paper will save you from this hassle. If you wish, you can also use the wooden stick you will place on your basket as a toilet paper holder.


Embeded Wall sheves for Bathroom Decor

Recessed Wall Shelves

Embroidered built-in shelves are one of the simplest ways to store your materials. Built-in shelves are usually placed inside after a fake wall is built. Your bathroom floor can be harmonized with the backs of these shelves.


 Wall Mounted shelves for Bathroom Storage

Wall Shelf

You can create an ideal shelf by making a wall of 80-100 cm high on the edge of your bathtub or jacuzzi. Although it is expensive and labor-intensive, it is an extremely useful technique. Another glass shelf can be added to this wall if you wish.


Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Slimline Bathroom Cabinet Storage

For narrow spaces, you can display your belongings more politely with slimline bathroom cabinets or shelves. Although they cover most of the crowd in your bathroom, these products will also not restrict your usage area too much.

The cabinets should be with waterproof materials. Choosing a foam-based bathroom storage cabinet for your bathroom is a more durable option. 


Vintage Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Vintage Cabinets

If you have a large bathroom, you can choose vibrant color vintage cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for displaying your items in a decorative way in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use the old cabinets in your living room that you no longer use.


Bathroom Storage Ideas in 2023

Turn Old Essentials into Decorations

You can take out your glass storage jars and bottles that are empty in your warehouse and turn them into a decorative solution for the flowers in your bathroom.


Caddy Storage Ideas

Storage Caddies

Water-resistant and erasable bathroom caddies are a very good storage idea to save space. Ideal for storing spares and removing clutter near your toilet or anywhere else.


Hanging Baskets for Bathroom Storage

Hanging Baskets

You can hide your clutter in any wall space by attaching a hook to these baskets. You will also add a stylish look to your bathroom with these baskets, which are woven as knits.


Peg board to organize your bathroom

Organize Your Bath With A Peg Board

Pegboards are versatile tools. The pegboard in your bathroom wall will greatly reduce the crowded view in the bathroom by adding elegance and practicality. If you don't need them in your bath, you can move them to another part of your home or your warehouse.


Floor Ceiling Sheves for Bathroom Storage

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

You can cover your bathroom walls with shelves from floor to ceiling. You can then stylishly fill these shelves with baskets or towels according to your taste.


Turn your old medicine cabinet into bathroom storage

Turn Your Old Medicine Cabinets into a Bathroom Storage

Medicine cabinets are small but useful cabinets. They will provide you with an ideal place to store many items in the bathroom that you do not use often. You can reserve a place for it near the sink mirror.


Use Big Vanity in Bathroom for Storage

Go for Big Vanity, if Possible

If you need to renovate a bathroom, do not hesitate to design large areas for make-up. A bright vanity area with marble countertops is one of the best choices for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Custom Built-in Cabinetry

Instead of using standard cabinets, you can choose cabinets specially designed for your bathroom. If you wish, you can also design these cabinets as complementary decor according to your tiles.


Use Large mirror in bathroom

Use a Large Mirror

Large mirrors successfully make small areas appear much wider than they are. You can also do this for your bathrooms. In this case, the only thing you need to pay attention to will be the light balance. Because mirrors reflect light too much, they create a more bright atmosphere.


Bathroom Storage Ideas to make your bathroom larger

Take Advantage of Tiles

One way to transform your small bathrooms into large spacious spaces is to choose light-colored, eye-catching tiles. Especially white tiles will work well. You can also create the illusion of a ceiling that appears higher than it is by using tiles in the form of elongated rectangles.


Create Ekstra Fields in Bathroom

Create Extra Fields

You can hide your shelves inside the wall to create useful areas in your bathroom. This will maximize the use of your limited free space. You can use the hidden shelves inside your shower cabin for your shampoo and shower gel. In this way, you will not only save space but also get a more modern look.

Expand the Sink Counter

If your place is available, you can choose a double sink. For a smaller bathroom, elongated sinks can serve two people with the same name. These long benches will also serve as decorative organizers for your belongings in the bathroom. Under bathroom sink storage ideas are so versatile.  


Transparent Shower Cabin

Give Transparent Shower Cabins a Chance

For small bathrooms, the frosted glass will make your space appear rather limited. You can therefore make your bathroom look wider by using transparent glass. In addition, transparent glasses increase light transmittance, so you have a brighter bathroom.


Use White Decor

Decorate in White

For some, white is a monotonous and boring color. Designing your small bathrooms' doors, cabinets or marble counters, and tiles with a combination of the white color is the most practical way to design large bathrooms. A white combination also suits any fashion and is always in style.


Use sky light on bathroom

Place Skylight

One way to make small bathrooms appear larger is to increase the amount of natural light in the bathroom. You can use skylights for this. If you have the opportunity to open a window above your bathroom, give yourself this luxury. Natural light is one of the best luxuries for a bathroom.


Use different sink model in bathroom

Differentiate Your Sink

You don't have to let classic washbasin solutions narrow your bathroom. Bowl basin systems are an ideal solution for small bathrooms. A beautiful decoration can be created with small mirrors that are compatible with these sinks. 


 Use more mirrors in bathroom

Include More Mirrors

It is possible to achieve larger areas by using small mirrors and decorative make-up mirrors in different areas of the bathroom. Take advantage of the power of mirrors to reflect light and make narrow spaces look wider.

This is exactly the reason why plenty of mirrors are used in the reception areas of hotels. Creating a feeling of spaciousness. You can do this in your bathroom too.


 Maintain integrity in bedroom

Maintain Integrity

In the shower cabin, you can have tiles with patterns or similar designs. Or a pattern on the cabinets that continues on the shower. If you manage to create unity in your bathroom, you will also prevent a messy appearance.

How can I Get More Storage in My Bathroom?

There is no limit to how little your bathroom can be. The important question marks in your mind can be eliminated if you know how to decorate them well, even if you cannot completely solve the problem.

Changing your habits is a good way to begin. Rather than folding your towels in a square shape, fold them into rolls to make them look more elegant and decorative.

Especially in the area where the bathtub is, a wall with a height of 80-100 cm next to the bathroom wall can serve as a long shelf.

If the renovation doesn't fit you, you can make your decorate walls with open or closed shelves or decorative hangers for your towel storage. There are tens of bathroom storage ideas. 

How to Add Storage in a Small Bathroom?

Making room in a small bathroom can sometimes turn into a problem. The good news is that if you design your bathroom well, you will find that it is enough for you.

Bathroom items are generally light and small items, so you don't need large cabinets for them. Slim cabinets can help you organize your small bathrooms.   

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