How to Frame Jersey?

How to frame a jersey?
No other way is as effective as using a jersey frame to preserve your jerseys and keep them safe from outer effects. It is no wonder we all have somewhere in our house a jersey that means a lot and one that we wore years ago back at high school or college.

Additionally, there are no sports memorabilia as precious as a jersey from our favorite athlete, too. Of course, you wouldn’t tuck away jerseys that symbolize your passion for your team, either. So, let’s examine the details of jersey framing.

Sports Jersey Framing

A jersey frame looks simple from the outside, but preparing a jersey frame display case requires diligent work and care. Therefore, there are some criteria you should be aware of before undertaking this task.

First of all, no vendor is an expert on framing collectibles and archiving. For this reason, you should find professionals that have experience on jersey display frames.

Decide what type of jersey frame case you will use. For this, you need to determine the folding of the jersey and other items you would like to display in your jersey frame shadow box. (Sportsballs, bats, hats, etc.)
how to frame a Jersey

Your sports jersey frame should be made of high-quality wood, and the backing should be acid-free material, which is highly important to keep your jerseys safe.
Note that a good jersey frame should include protective UV glass, and a foam core should be used suitably to keep its shape.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned above when you decide to frame your jerseys. And make sure the vendor meets all the requirements before handling your jersey.

How to Frame Jerseys Yourself?

You may choose to frame your jerseys by yourself, which is okay. But you have to be aware of the following steps. In this case, in addition to the criteria, we listed above, here are some techniques that will make of great help.

1. Prepare the backing board:

You will have a backing board or foam, which is the size of your frame. Cut this backing with a suitable knife. Then, choose the mounting paper of any color you like.

2. Insert the foam

Put a piece of foam inside the jersey to make it look more filled and straighter. Then, sew or pin it from the back of the jersey.

3. Fold the jersey

Fold your jersey in a way that you want it on display. If you’re going to show the jersey’s backside, which is more common as it includes names, fold the sleeves (if any) to go downward, and use an iron to keep it in the correct position.

4. Sew your jersey

Sew the jersey to the backing by hand-sewing around the jersey and the neckline. Try to hide lines by sewing them through the jersey’s backside if possible.

5. Put the jersey inside the frame

Your jersey frame will be ready when you feel perfectly secured to the backing. Then, place it inside the frame by gently sliding in.
And that’s all! Stand in front of your framed jersey and take a deep breath while glancing at the beauty you have just created.

Can You Put a Jersey in a Regular Frame?

How to frame jersey is a hard question because not any frame may be appropriate to put and display jerseys. A jersey frame is specially designed to hold and display sports memorabilia and has the right features to keep and preserve the items safe from extreme conditions.

Also, a jersey frame has components made of suitable materials that don’t harm the fabric of your item. Considering the lifetime they spend in the structure, this is vital for the safety of your precious sports memorabilia.

Therefore, although you could have a frame at hand by chance, think twice before you use it for framing your jerseys.

How Much to Frame a Jersey?

Jersey framing requires experience and a high level of expertise. After all, you are handling your valuable sports memorabilia to someone, which necessitates a high level of trust. Therefore, we would expect our framer to be someone we can entirely rely on.

The second issue is how much you will be paying. These two factors may take you to a local framer that you can find in the neighborhood. However, you have to comply with whatever price they offer this time.

Option B is to go to jersey frame online store and find the most reliable framers and reasonable prices, which most sports lovers do today.

one of the best way to frame a jersey

Where to Buy Jersey Frames?

An ideal jersey framing kit can hold your jerseys in good shape for generations. Whether you take it to a local framer or do it yourself, a proper jersey frame is a must to start the task.

At Decomil, we offer jersey frames to help you undertake this responsibility more securely. We use the highest quality materials to preserve your jerseys for a lifetime. And the great news is that we sell quality jersey frames at very affordable prices!

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