14 Best Decorative Wine Cork Holder Ideas

Best Decorative Wine Cork Ideas
A decorative wine cork holder is what you need to keep the many corks you collect. You must have opened hundreds of wine bottles if you are a wine lover.

So, what do you do with the corks? For some reason, we do not throw away wine corks and end up with dozens of corks we have been randomly putting somewhere in our house.

Have you ever thought of turning these pieces into a nice decoration? Below, we have a list of wine cork holder ideas that will help you keep the corks you have been accumulating and turn your hobby into an art.

1. Decomil’s Letter Wine Cork Holder

The wine cork holder letters will be the cutest way of keeping corks. These symbols and characters will make perfect gifts for special events.

Suppose you are looking for a creative project to surprise loved ones, buy the characters that fit the person you are gifting. And make them happy with as many combinations as you can.

wine cork ideas

Symbols & letter wine cork holders allow you to store more. As you can choose from A to Z, and with an additional heart symbol, this idea of keeping corks is the smartest and prettiest way of making a unique collection from the wine corks.

Besides, they come with a wall-mount kit, or you may choose to use the free-standing options.

2. Cork Holder Cage

This patterned cage will make an authentic wine cork holder. Wine bottle cork cage will make a beautiful decoration element anywhere in your house.
Put it near the fireplace, in your kitchen, or quickly find a place in your living rooms, too.

3. Wine Glass Cork Holder

This cute wire glass is enough to make a lovely decoration anywhere in your house. You may choose to fill it with used corks, too.

Or you may choose to share half of it for a scented candle. This multifunctional wire cage is what you need to be a cork holder in addition to being a pure beauty indoors and outdoors.

4. Wine Cork Notice Board

We don’t throw away wine corks partly because we may develop some genius ideas. And this wine cork holder idea would be what we need.

Wine cork notice board will make the most valuable item in our homes or offices. We have wooden frames in many dimensions, and you fill them with corks in as many creative ways as you like.

5. Wine Barrel Cork Cage

A wine cork holder barrel is another creative way to throw your corks in. Its durable design allows for practical use anywhere in your house. Just drop the corks from the top and display them behind bars.

You can use them in rustic style or color them to match your wine cork holder décor. This item will make a great gift, too.

6. Wall-Mounted Wine Rack-Glass& Cork Holder

This product offers many functions in one place. It is cleverly designed to hold wine bottles, glasses, and corks together.

If you are a wine lover and want to have everything in one piece, this one will be your favorite. Its wall-mounted design will save you extra space at home.

7. Clear Acrylic Case

Originally designed as an ice bucket, this bowl will make a perfect decorative wine cork holder. Every home needs such a convenient container.
The transparent acrylic material offers more durable use than other glassware. Easily carry them by holding the handles at both sides.

8. Wall Shadow Box Cork Holder

If you have a spare wall in your room and want to decorate it, try this wine cork holder that comes in different colors and designs.

This frame is a suitable holder for your corks as well as many similar objects that you might want to display in your room. The great thing is that you may choose to use the shadow box on any table or countertops.

9. Rustic Metal Birdcage Cork Holder

Birdcages are always so cute. This time use them as a cork holder inside or outside. The rustic look will perfectly match any settings in or outside the house.
This metal cage offers great functionality besides its lovely look. Though you may use it as an actual birdcage, we stick to the idea that this one is perfect for holding your many corks and similar objects.

10. Cork Coaster

Cork coasters are perhaps the most straightforward containers you can use as a decorative wine cork holder.

While there are many ready-made sizes in the market, you may choose to make your coasters depending on how much wine you drink. Wine coasters will be an easy and practical way of storing your wine corks in both cases.

11. Wall-Mounted Cork Maps

Put the corks on the map and know where the wine comes from. As a start, buy a US cork map that you will easily find on the market.

Then, you may do the same for other regions in the world. Start placing each cork in the right place of the map that you can hang on the wall of your house.

12. Wine Décor on the Wall

This slotted wine décor on the wall allows you to put all the corks you have collected. This one will perfectly go with the wall of a cottage in nature.

Or you may prefer a wine décor cork holder in a cozy corner of your house. Imagine the mysticism you could create with this wine cork holder while enjoying a glass of wine with your friends.

13. Wine Cork Display

You might have tried many types if you are a true wine enthusiast. Then, you might like to collect some brands separately.

Think of the scarce one you have devoured recently. And you want to share with your friends your story about it. This cork display hascompartments to store and display the special corks apart.

14. Word Wine Cork Case

If you like to have everything related to wine in your wine corner, a WINE cork holder is what you are looking for.

This decorative wine cork holder is metal, and it has a fancy and sturdy design. You may use it anywhere in your house. Put it near the wine racks, the floor, or the countertops.

You don’t have to throw away wine corks any longer. Instead, make a fancy collection using the best wine cork holder ideas presented above.

For decorative wine cork holder collections visit https://www.decomil.com/collections/kitchen-dining

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