9 Best Wine Carriers for Transporting and Storing Your Wines

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What is a Wine Carrier or Wine Tote?

A wine tote is a storage solution designed to transport wine bottles safely without affecting their taste. A sturdy tote is essential When you bring bottles to a dinner party, picnic, or home after a holiday in wine country. Because totes are large and roomy, almost anything can fit in them. This is one of the few bags on the market with many uses.

You can categorize and organize your wine cellar with wine totes. Totes for red, white, and sparkling wines can be used separately, making locating and accessing specific bottles more convenient. You can present a bottle of wine or a selection of bottles in a wine tote, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your gift.

9 Best Wine Carriers for Transporting and Storing Your Wines

To sip your favorite big and bold with your friends without worrying about surprises and for an unforgettable wine experience, you need the best wine carrier. Wine carriers preserve their flavor by keeping your wines at the desired temperature and in a dark environment. With a wine tote carrier, you can ensure that your big cargo remains at the right temperature and is protected against mishaps.

Having reviewed the options available, we have compiled a list of our top choices. These durable and practical wine carriers ensure your wine arrives ready to enjoy. However, choosing a wine carrier should be based on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize insulation, capacity, durability, or style, these top picks have something to offer.

Best wine carier

1. Decomil's Two Bottle Wine Bag

The Decomil wine bottle tote carrier features an internal divider, allowing you to securely store and transport two bottles of your favorite Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or any other wine of your choice. It can even accommodate a wine bottle alongside a glass, providing the utmost convenience.

Whether you're craving a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage or enjoying a few cans of your favorite soda, the Decomil Wine Carrier can accommodate up to nine cans, making it the perfect companion for picnics, parties, or any social gathering. Decomil 2 Bottle Wine Bag’s sturdy construction ensures that your precious cargo remains safe and secure, providing you to transport your beverages worry-free. With the faux handle, you can easily carry it around with a touch of elegance.

The multi-layer perfect insulation technology guarantees exceptional temperature control. It provides perfect thermal insulation, keeping your beverages chilled or warm for extended periods. With a sleek and stylish appearance, the Decomil Wine Carrier is also available in a classic red color. It is equipped with a convenient shoulder strap. Simply sling it over your shoulder, and you're ready to go.

wine bottle tote carrier

2. Savvy Outdoors Wine Tote Bag

Made from 100% polyester, this fine-wine travel bag combines style and functionality to enhance your outdoor gatherings and adventures. The wine tote bag includes two premium insulated steel wine cups.

Its main compartment offers ample space to carry up to two bottles of wine or champagne. Additionally, an exterior storage pouch provides extra space for essential items like car keys, wine openers, or other necessary wine accessories. Crafted with high-quality polyester fabric, the wine carrier is protected by padded insulation, maintaining its temperature during transport. The Savvy Outdoors Wine Tote Bag can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

3. Two Bottles Saddle Leather Wine Tote

This carrier is crafted from genuine leather, and the interior of the wine bottle carrying tote is thoughtfully designed with a padded and insulated lining. The soft faux insulated lining ensures that your wines are shielded from external factors wherever your adventures take you.

This wine carrier is designed to accommodate standard-sized and larger sparkling wine bottles. The bonded leather material is both durable and easy to clean. With a wine opener in the bag, you can fully enjoy your wine-tasting experiences without needing additional tools.

hipiwe wine carrier tote bag

4. Hipiwe Wine Carrier Tote Bag

Wherever you go, this product ensures that good times follow, making it perfect for parties or as a fantastic wine gift for wine lovers. These wine carriers are crafted from durable and stretchy neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits. With the ability to insulate for up to 4 hours, these carriers also maintain your beverages at the ideal temperature, allowing you to savor every sip.

Portability and easy cleaning are key features of our wine carriers. They can be conveniently rolled up for storage, providing flexibility when you need it. Sized at 3.15" x 13.78", these wine carriers comfortably fit standard 750 ml wine bottles.

PortoVino Swankey Zag Beverage Wine Tote

5. PortoVino Swankey Zag Beverage Wine Tote

Made of cotton, this bag measures 15 inches x 14 inches x 10 inches. Designed for on-the-go functionality, this wine bag is lined with two side pockets and features an insulated handbag design that can be used with or without the drink pouch. Its cub cool design and stylish interior with pockets make it an attractive choice.

When it comes to storing wine, you can conveniently store your drink in the wine bag cooler until you're ready to pour. This stylish, fashionable, and discreet wine bag is perfect for holding and pouring 4 bottles of wine.

Padded Wine Bottle Storage Box

6. Padded Wine Bottle Storage Box

This collapsible wine bottle carrier is perfect for conveniently carrying and transporting up to 12 wine or other bottles. It folds up easily in three simple steps and can be stored compactly when not in use.

It includes padded and reinforced handles for comfortable carrying and a mesh pocket to hold wine accessories securely. With dimensions of 14.5 inches in length, 12.8 inches in width, and 10.8 inches in height when open, the Meori 12-bottle wine carrier provides ample space for your bottles.


7. Swag Bags 6-8 Wine Bottle Carrier Drinks Holder Bag

This bag offers securely holding up to 6 1.5L bottles or eight 750ml bottles. It is constructed with water-resistant material. With adjustable dividers, this carrier bag allows you to customize the inner compartments according to the sizes of your bottles.

The protective and waterproof lining minimizes movement, reducing the risk of collision damage and breaking. It's an excellent companion for various occasions, including food delivery, holidays, picnics, beach trips, camping, parties, tailgating, and more.

unfinished wooden wine boxe

8. Unfinished Wooden Wine Boxe

This wine carrier is crafted from durable paulownia wood and comes with a sturdy handle and a sliding closure. The paulownia wood surface can be easily painted, engraved, or imprinted, similar to bamboo wine racks.

For stability during transportation, you can insert tissue paper or wrapping material inside the box. Measuring 14x4 inches, it is specifically designed to fit standard-sized wine bottles unsuitable for champagne or larger bottles.

wicker wine storage basket

9. Wicker Wine Storage Basket

Although this product does not have the appropriate features to carry wine in an appropriate condition, for short trips, and for serving your wines at home, this is an elegant solution. This handmade wicker basket offers multiple compartments to easily carry and organize multiple bottles of wine, soda, beer cans, cutlery, or small items. With its stylish design, this wicker tote basket is a perfect addition to your countertop, kitchen, picnic table, or family BBQ.

Measuring 12.2" L x 8.86" W x 6.5" H (excluding the handle), the Wicker Tote Basket provides multifunctional usage, combining practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Are Wine Totes Suitable for Transporting Wine During Travel?

Wine totes are designed specifically to safely and securely carry wine bottles while on the move. The wine carrier tote bag is constructed with durable and protective materials such as neoprene or padded insulation. This helps to safeguard the wine bottles from impacts and temperature changes, ensuring that they arrive at your destination in good condition. Wine carrier tote feature leak-proof or spill-resistant linings to prevent any potential leaks or accidents during travel.

Are Wine Carriers Suitable for Outdoor Picnics Or Events?

Yes, wine carriers are suitable for outdoor picnics or events. Wine carriers are designed to provide a secure and convenient way to transport wine bottles, making them ideal for outdoor activities. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them convenient for picnics or events.

Some wine carriers also feature extra compartments or pockets where you can store accessories like corkscrews, bottle stoppers, or wine glasses. This ensures that you have everything you need in one organized place. You can choose a carrier that matches your personal taste or the theme of your picnic or event, adding an element of elegance and sophistication to the occasion.

How Many Wine Bottles Can a Typical Wine Carrier Hold?

Wine carriers are typically designed to hold two wine bottles. Different sizes and materials are, however, available for them. There are wine carriers designed to carry a single bottle, as well as 6 bottles, 8 bottles, and 12 bottles.

Are Wine Carriers Suitable for Air Travel?

Traveling with traditional carriers and totes on an airplane is unsafe. It's not guaranteed that your wine bottles will arrive intact or without being exposed to temperatures that can ruin them.

During air travel, you may need specialized wine shipping boxes to protect your wine bottles. These boxes are designed to protect bottles from clinking together with shock-absorbing materials. Specially designed for shipping wine, these boxes can withstand the rigors of transportation.

How to Buy Wine Carrier?

The best wine tote bag should have the features necessary to maintain the wine's desired conditions. To preserve the quality of the wine, the place where it is stored should be cool and at a constant temperature. Most experts agree that storage temperatures should be between 10°C and 16°C.

The quality of your wine carrier will impact the taste of the wine. Don't spoil your special one due to inadequate transport conditions. It's also important that the wine carrier has enough volume to store your wines. No need to purchase a cooler to store large champagne bottles.

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