15 Shower Bench Ideas

15 Shower Bench Ideas

Benches are chairs that have no back or armrests. These chairs are one of the sitting group products consisting of one, three, or four legs and a single base.

Bench without arm and backrest are used in homes, cafes, gardens, terraces, bars, bathrooms, and kitchens. There are many options of benches produced from different materials and different sizes. In addition, there are different colors and designs too.

You can use benches that offer decorative and functional use in many areas. Bench types with different heights provide access to many different areas at home. These products, which are durable thanks to the material they are produced, offer long-lasting use.

The shower bench is generally used in the bathroom for sitting while taking a shower. There is more than one variety. There are four-legged versions in the form of a regular bench and wall-mounted versions.

There is more than one shower bench model. You will find 15 shower bench ideas in this content.


Shower Bench Ideas

1. Wood Shower Bench

It is an impermeable product against hot and cold due to the porous structure of wood and the cellulose it contains.

It carries the heat more in the direction of the fiber than in the direction perpendicular to the fibers. Therefore, the heat does not disappear from the shower.

A wood shower bench may be the right choice for those looking for a shower bench seat.


Tile shower bench ideas

2. Tile Shower Bench

Tile is the ideal flooring option, thanks to its aesthetic appeal, durability, and easy maintenance. Correctly applied ceramics perform better and are more durable when compared to tiles whose floor is manufactured for the same application.

Environmentally friendly tiles are produced using natural materials. It does not contain odors, allergens, and bacteria. In this way, bacteria formation does not occur due to continuous contact of the bathroom with water. A tile shower bench is a model that should be considered a shower bench idea.


Ceramics Shower Bench İdeas

3. Ceramics Shower Bench

Ceramic detail in the bathroom offers unique opportunities and possibilities for design expression due to its flexibility and transparent beauty. A ceramic is preferred as a shower bench seat, making the product look unique.


shower bench ideas

4. Bamboo Shower Bench

Bamboo is suitable for health because it is a natural material. It is flexible and durable. They preserve these properties in the items they are produced from.

Made of bamboo, the shower bench seat is impact resistant and durable. Compared to other materials, a bamboo shower bench made of bamboo can be used for a long time and is friendly to human health.

Furniture that is frequently used in the bathroom is bathroom cabinets, shower bench, multi-purpose cabinets. These items can be crafted from bamboo, but be prepared for surprises in terms of price.

Like every healthy product, bamboo products are unfortunately a bit expensive. Another good thing about using a bamboo shower bench is that they are water-resistant. For this reason, it is very valuable for bathrooms that are intertwined with water.


Bamboo Shower Bench Ideas

5. Corner Shower Bench

Corner shower bench, which is frequently preferred in bathrooms, provides comfortable shower opportunities by leaving more space in shower cabins. This shower bench seat, especially selected by people with small shower cabins, performs the use of space professionally.


Bench shower ideas

6. Built-In Shower Bench

Another shower bench idea is the built-in shower bench. In the built-in shower bench model, which may require a larger area for mounting compared to other models, there will be a bench that cannot be moved inside the shower cabin. For this reason, for a spacious shower cabin without narrowing the area, if possible, it should be preferred to large shower cabins.


Modern shower Bench Ideas

7. Modern Shower Bench

Among the shower bench ideas, it is a model that uses more modern lines as a design. Generally, more straightforward and minimal choices are made.


Marble Shower Bench Ideas

8. Marble Shower Bench

Its unique structure, appearance, durability, and variety make the marble shower bench indispensable.

In terms of shower bench ideas, it is one of the most minimal and stylish models in appearance.


Single Shower Bench Ideas

9. Simple Shower Bench

It is a shower bench seat model that can always be preferred by those who favor minimalism. Thanks to its simple and stylish design, you can't get enough of taking a shower in your bathroom.


Shower Bench Ideas

10. Floating Seat

It is a model that increases the use of space, especially when the area where the materials used in the shower will be placed is less. Thanks to its high open design from the ground, it has become the favorite of those who love large spaces.

11. Design Specifically for Seating

This model, which is specially designed for the session, is a shower bench seat that is up to one's taste.


Teak shower Bench

12. Teak Bench

Thanks to its portable and wood-like appearance, you can use this shower bench seat in your bathroom. Also, it is a very successful aspect of aesthetics.

13. Just A Small One

These shower bench ideas, which occupy small space for only one person in the shower cabin, adapt to any design.


Foldable Shower Bench Ideas

14. Foldable Shower Bench

As the name suggests, this shower bench seat is foldable. Therefore, it does not take up space when not in use.

15. Monochrome 

It is a design that will aesthetically bring simplicity to your bathroom. Thanks to its original appearance, you can create a plan that will harmonize with every color in your bathroom.


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