Types Of Flag Display Boxes

Flag Display Box on a wall
A flag display box is a case for protecting and exhibiting a special flag that might be flown over the Capitol or handed to the military employee upon retirement or military funeral flags that were over the casket.

Flag boxes are the perfect object for veterans who had served the U.S honorably. With them you can proudly display all special awards and memorabilia with medallions and tell visitors the stories behind every object.

You can choose many options for flag display cases according to the flag size, depending on whether you have a medallion and certificate or if you like to display your flag with the photographs.

3x5 Flag Display Case is mostly used as a type of flag boxes in military

3x5 Flag Display Box

3x5 flags are usually flown over the Capitol, or other state buildings, used as mission flags and retirement flags handed to the veterans on the retirement ceremonies.

Flag boxes are perfect for protecting and respecting the memorable flag while displaying it in a fashionable way. There are many choices for a 3x5 flag display case option. The good-quality ones are made from solid woods in a triangle form with a glass display front.

There are also arrow shapes and bigger flag cases with certificate holders. You can use it on the table or hang it on the wall. Additionally, you can keep your treasured memory wherever you want.

Flag display boxes with certificate holder options helps you to keep all memories of the military treasures together. With black background, the certificate and the flag will be shown themself.

5x9 Flag Display Boxes

5x9 flags are used in Military Burial Services draped over the coffin and handed to the relatives of the deceased. 5x9 flag case made of solid wood is the best befitting to respect and display that honorable flag with its quality and durability.

5x9 Flag Display Case is one of flag box type

5x9 flag display case allows keeping memories alive in the best way. You can keepsake the memorials, flag certificates, medals, or even photographs and create a memorial corner or wall for the loved ones with the flag display box with the certificate holder.

You can use it on the table or shelf since it can stand on its own or hang it on the wall with two strong hangers on the solid background.

Where Can I Buy a Flag Display Box?

We presents the high quality flag display box options for you. You can find the perfect 3x5 flag display case and 5x9 flag display case designs that would meet all your needs.

You can also customize the cases with a metal nameplate and logos of the American U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. You just need to choose the text or logo, then Decomil Store will prepare a customized flag display case made for you.

Flag Display Case with Certificate Holder is another type of flag boxes

Flag boxes are the perfect military gift ideas for Veterans Day, President Day, 4th of July, Officers, Special Forces members, Welcome Home celebrations, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and other unique occasions.

There is no need for the assembly. The item comes ready to use. Additionally, the flag display boxes can be used in a historical justify, home, office, eatery anywhere you want to exhibit your treasured flag.

To sum up, as one of the most important items for the nations, displaying and protecting an honorable flag is very important. Particularly if there is a story behind it, a retirement flag that proves you have served your country honorably.

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