How To Choose The Right Pillow For A Good Sleep?

the best pillow for sleeping

When you lie down in your bed after a busy day, you want to fall asleep and get rid of all your tiredness and wake up fresh the next day, thanks to quality sleep.

One of the most important factors of quality sleep is choosing the right pillow. In this article, you will find the most important criteria for selecting the best pillow for sleeping and what you should pay attention to when choosing one.

How to Choose a Best Pillow for Sleeping?

Sleeping position, bed quality, selecting the right bedroom decoration, and bedding can directly affect your sleep quality. All of these factors are important, but the other thing that affects sleep quality is choosing the right pillow, even though it is not appreciated enough.

So, let's talk about some suggestions on how to choose the best pillow for sleeping positions.

Choosing The Right Pillow for Side Sleepers

Your waist, neck, and back pain may be caused by choosing the wrong pillow. Especially if you did not select the pillow suitable for your most comfortable sleeping position, your pain might increase day by day.

side sleepers

Therefore, you should make sure that you use the best pillow for sleeping to get rid of pain, reduce arthritis and protect spine health. Especially if you like to sleep on your side like many people, you should choose a luxury sleeping pillow according to your shoulder width.

You can put an end to neck pain by choosing a higher pillow if your shoulder width is long; and a lower pillow if your shoulder height is short. By selecting the pillow with the right size, you will take the first step towards quality sleep.

Choosing The Right Pillow for Back Sleepers

If you usually sleep on your back, you should choose pillows produced in the head and neck region (S-shaped), or that can take this form.

Additionally, too-high pillows are unsuitable for someone who likes to sleep on your back, not for you. High pillows bring your chin closer to your chest and distort the natural shape of your spine.

Lower and medium-firm pillows will help keep your body shape. You should also make sure that your pillow covers your entire neck. In this way, you will get the best quality sleep.

What Size Is a Standard Pillow?

According to experts, sleeping with too many pillows is not good for neck and waist health. The increase in weight on the waist causes discomfort that will occur in the future.

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As the height of the pillow increases, the loads on the neck, back, and waist increase. In order to keep this to a minimum, it is necessary to choose comfortable pillows.

The pillow should be used to support the nape and two separate curves on our neck. When we lie down, the head should be slightly forward, and our neck should not be left in the open.

The pillow’s width should correspond to the shoulders’ width, and the shoulders should come slightly to the edge of the pillow. The correct height is 10 to 13 inches high.

This varies according to the person's height, shoulder, and neck circumference. At the height of 60 millimeters, the load is increased on the base of the neck by 42 percent and the neck by 25 percent. Every 1 centimeter of height brings about 10 percent strain on the neck.

Where To Buy the Best Pillow for Sleeping?

In line with all this information, choosing the right pillow is very important for quality sleep. However, we must believe that the best pillow for sleeping is produced in the best way and approved by doctors.

Decomil's pillows, which meet these criteria, offer the best sleep quality to users in terms of orthopedics. To choose the right sleeping pillow just check out our decoration store website;

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