All About Custom Challenge Coins
The idea of custom challenge coins is trendy among a large variety of organizations. Although the tradition began in the military long years ago, it has recently expanded to involve other organizations such as companies, schools, teams, and clubs.

Today, custom challenge coins come in an endless number of types, shapes, and materials. More and more groups or individuals prefer these precious tokens as perfect gifts or remembrances.

What is Custom Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is an insignia or emblem in the form of a coin created by organizations or groups. Custom challenge coins are personalized coins given to the members of an organization to symbolize their membership. They are the most practical and effective way of honoring the participants.

Custom Challenge Coin
Custom challenge coins have been used in all military branches for a long time. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps custom challenge coins have been used to reward personnel for what they have accomplished. Nowadays, through custom challenge coins, anyone can choose to make their personalized coins and distribute them as gifts.

Tradition of Custom Challenge Coin

The habit of custom challenge coins is not new. It is known that Romans made challenge coins to give brave soldiers in return for their excellent work on the battlefields. These coins depicted their names and what they accomplished.

Later in history, they recognized certain family members and their relatives. Now and then, custom challenge coins have been used to specify certain people or events. And they have functioned as an honorable object that builds strong bonds and raises the morale of the keeper.

How are Custom Coins Made?

Custom coins manufacturing is a process of diligent work and art. It requires artistic ability to shape the steel. Coin making involves cutting and milling the metal. First, we make two molds for the front and back of the coins. We add any texture that you require and add it to the mold. We can design custom challenge coins in countless combinations of materials, shapes, and styles.

How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost?

On the one hand, custom challenge coins are priceless for the military when they symbolize the soldiers' blood, sweat, and tears. On the other hand, they are the most cost-effective way of honoring the group members of any organization.
As a Decomil Store, we produce the best custom challenge coins at very affordable prices. We can design your dream coins with a selection of materials such as brass or silver.

Where to Buy Custom Challenge Coins?

Shiny or antique-looking, custom challenge coins are cute tangibles, and it is exciting to keep them. Decomil Store can build any coins for any occasion or organization.

custom Challenge Coins Types

It is no longer daunting to make the desired challenge coins you are looking for with us. Tell us your dream personalized custom challenge coins; we will make them for you. Our creative staff will help you shape your dreams, too.

For any type of custom challenge coin design, just visit our contact page  https://www.decomil.com/pages/contact-us 
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