9 Compelling Advantages of 72 Bottle Stackable Wine Rack

9 Compelling Advantages of 72 Bottle Stackable Wine Rack

Finding the ideal wine storage setting can take time, especially in tiny homes where suitable storage situations are hard to get. You can solve the matter using stackable wine racks, which are easy to install and relocate.

First, pick the area of your house that is least congested, gets minimum sunlight exposure, has ideal temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees, and is most stable to provide a wobble-free environment. Then, choose a stackable wine rack based on how many you need to keep. Below, we examined 2 different versions in detail, one that holds 72 bottles and the other that holds 36 bottles.

72 bottle wine rack

72 Bottles Wine Rack:

Having examined all aspects, we have drawn a comprehensive conclusion of the modular wine cabinet.

1. Storage Capacity:

The bamboo wine rack can hold up to 72 wine bottles, enough for a mid-level wine enthusiast. The storage capacity should be % 10 larger than what you actually require in case you get more. Because of its ergonomic design, you can use it with fewer or more tiers. You may add another one on top of the DIY wine rack.

2. A Secure Environment for Wine Bottles:

It keeps the bottles horizontally rather than tilted to the front or rear, providing a secure environment for your bottles. Horizontal storage is crucial in maintaining the quality of organic wines. Because the wine taste should remain in its purest form, only half of the mushroom should be wet. For metal lids, however, this is not the case.

Stackable Wine Racks 72 wine racks

3. Design:

It has a rectangular shape, which is the easiest design to arrange. Finding an appropriate setting is unlikely to be a hard job. You can divide its racks if your storage area isn't high enough. In addition to that, its design provides a highly sturdy and wobble-free environment for your reds and whites.

4. Easy Assembling:

Due to its clever layout, it simply takes just a few minutes to assemble and disassemble.

easy essmble 72 wine rack

To assemble it, all you have to do is put the racks on top of each other. To disassemble it, just take out the racks. This is also advantageous when carrying it.

5. Durability and Material Quality:

The wine rack is made of high-quality bamboo with excellent firmness and moisture resistance. Bamboo may tolerate greater strain than wood when properly maintained. Its lightweight structure doesn't compromise its durability, making it the perfect storage option. It can carry all of the bottles without any issues.

6. Made of Natural Bamboo:

Wine should be stored in a natural setting as the environment impacts the mushroom. In addition, the moisture balance needs to be controlled to preserve the wines' best flavors. Bamboo's ability to regulate moisture value by absorbing excess moisture is its most significant contribution to wine. Compared to a wine glass rack, bamboo provides better storage conditions.

7. Natural:

One of the numerous benefits of bamboo is its naturalness. Wine shouldn't be exposed to unnatural tastes, smells, and additional factors. So it is wise to take advantage of the natural characteristics of bamboo.

8. Dimensions

  • 41" (W)X 10(D)" X 33.5 (H)
  • Contains 8 tiers.
  • Each layer can store nine bottles.
  • The storage capacity is 8 x 9 = 72 bottles (750ml).

9. Affordable Prices

It costs $104.95 in total. Considering the quantity it can hold and the practical and aesthetically pleasing advantages it has, the wine holder's $104.95 price is definitely a good deal. Shipping cost is also included in the price. So, you'll get free shipping. 

72 Wine Rack: Unveiling the Benefits it Brings to Your Space

A wine rack cabinet provides far more than just storage. Its other benefits are listed below.

1. Organizing and Storing Wines:

There are many benefits to organizing your wine storage. You can stack them based on their brands, age, taste, or the preferences of your family members. You do not have to touch them all; just look and find the one you want. You can also easily see all of your wines because of its layout.

2. Provides Longevity of Wines:

When preserving the taste of wines, the storage conditions are of utmost importance. This wine rack is made of high-quality bamboo that is thick enough to keep your bottles from wobbling. To ensure that favors last a long time, it provides everything necessary.

3. Contribute to the Aesthetic of the Decor:

Bamboo features a smooth surface and light wooden shades. Though it appears to be a mass-produced material, in fact, it is an entirely natural product. It is not stained or cracked like natural wood. Its sturdy structure gives it a unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Its shiny finish reflects light to some extent and turns it into an eye-catching decor piece in the area where it is placed.

4. Saves Space:

If you have a lot of bottles to arrange, the rack can also save you a lot of space. Its burrows have a diameter of 2,8", which is large enough to fit other bottles. Particularly for homes with limited space, it is highly practical and useful. Additionally, wall-mounted wine racks are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed.

5. Showcase Your Collection:

The modular wine storage has an open design and a distinctive appearance. It is possible to display each bottle individually. Wherever you put it, it will create an atmosphere that you're a wine fanatic.

6. It Protects Wines from Physical Damage, Dust, and Pollution.

It saves your bottles from any outdoor effects, especially from damage, pollution, and dust. It is also resistant to mild strikes from animals or toddlers in the house.

36 wine racks

Looking for a Small Alternative? 36 Bottles Wine Rack:

Smaller alternative storage solutions are available if you do not need such a large one. 36 wine storage saves almost half the money while taking up less space. Almost all the features of the 72 wine storage rack are present in this one. Additionally, a 36-bottle rack can be stacked on top of a 72-bottle rack if you need more wine storage than 72 bottles.

Stacking stackable wine racks on top of each other is possible, or you can divide them and use them separately.

You can check out our bamboo wine rack selection for more options and bring the naturalness of bamboo at highly affordable prices into your dwellings. Shipments are provided from the USA promptly. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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