20 Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen ideas and rustic kitchen with modern appliances.

It is no secret that kitchens are one of our most special areas. We need to feel at ease there and host guests comfortably. Farmhouse kitchens have a peaceful vibe, which is one reason why they are so popular today amid technological advancement.

Would a kitchen like that be possible in your home in the city? Yes, you can be sure. We'll present you with 20 different farmhouse kitchen ideas full of creativity and inspiration.

These farmhouse kitchen decor ideas may not bring the smell of flowers and forests into your home, but they will remind you of that atmosphere.

What is Farmhouse Kitchen Design?

The farmhouse kitchen has become popular recently as people long for rural life, and their natural and rustic elements warmly welcome their guests. It is the simplicity and naturalness of this design that welcomes you first.
They are also permanent kitchens incorporating old wooden details with a natural look. Some details that you can bring the simplicity of a farmhouse kitchen can inspire you in this regard. You can look through these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas outlined below.


1. Use the Charm of Oak

Placing reclaimed oak planks on the ceiling to extend across the kitchen will be one of the most assertive touches for a rustic look. You can also complete your style with vintage-looking faucets and a rustic marble counter. Modern farmhouse kitchen appliances can create a contrast in this traditional kitchen, allowing you to balance the old and the new.

Small and Conveniant Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

2. Small and Convenient, a Complete Traditionalist

Your home can be transformed into a farmhouse with some clever ideas. For example, an impression of spaciousness can be created in the kitchen by using designs that stimulate guests to look upwards. Open shelves extending from the counter to the ceiling are the most effective way of achieving this. It is also a more visible design idea than modern kitchen designs that hide everything.

farmhouse kitchen ideas island

3. Build an Island

If you have a large kitchen, creating a useful island will invite your friends or family to stay for a while. You can form cabinets or window frames in harmony with or contrast the island in large kitchens. A classic farmhouse kitchen should be as simple as possible, and it should also be integrated with harmonious and contrasting colors.

farmhouse with bold colors

4. Bold Colors

The simplicity of farmhouses allows you to use bold colors. In a light or dark blue home, you can balance the look with reclaimed wood floors. Pendant lamps made of copper can be an excellent addition to this kind of kitchen. Window and door frames with walnut finishes may appear to contrast with the cabinets and tiles, but they actually complement the floor.

farmhouse kitchen ideas

5. Create a Focal Point with Contrast Colors on Your Island

The focal point of traditional kitchens is usually islands. To highlight the islands, you can choose a contrasting island color, especially from your lower cabinets. For example, you can create contrast for a traditional kitchen with matte shades of blue, blackberry, and mint. Such colors give favorable results on kitchen islands. However, you can also create contrast with black or dark windows.

traditional butler sink

6. Traditional Butler's Sink

Sinks are an essential part of any kitchen. Choosing a farmhouse kitchen sink reveals your adherence to tradition. Additionally, these sinks are very handy since they prevent the water from splashing while washing the dishes. If you're a classic buff, these sinks are highly recommended.

Dark green colors for farmhouse kitchen

7. Dark Green Colors or Shades of Jade

Welcome your guests with this Victorian style. Green tones were once an old fashion trend prevalent in classic kitchens. However, you may wish to opt for a jade color if you want to reveal your dark marble countertops betters.
When combined with brass kitchen accessories, the green panel style can give your kitchen a rustic look.

Kitchen dresser of farmhouse kitchen

8. Add a Kitchen Dresser

The kitchen dressers come in moss green, jade, beige, blue, or gray tones. Besides bringing a great historical feel, these pieces soften the sharp lines of modern homes and add a rustic feel to your kitchens. With their glass partitions that show off the interior space with ease, these pieces will be a stylish accessory for your kitchen.

Patio doors for farmhouse kitchen

9. Create a Bright and Airy Space with Patio Doors

Small and dark kitchens are probably the most undesirable place in a home. Through Patio Doors, you can transform them into large spacious spaces. With a kitchen island facing the backyard, you can open a window and enjoy the view. Additionally, large windows in the patio doors allow plenty of light into the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen lighting

10. Benefit from the Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Choosing the right lighting for the kitchen can make a huge difference in its appearance. For example, instead of led lights, you can use copper-plated or copper-processed lamps that give off yellow light. In addition, the rustic look of worn wood chandeliers can enhance the kitchen's look.

Furthermore, maximizing the amount of sunlight in the house will enhance its overall appearance. If tree branches are blocking the sun, you can prune them to let the sun enter the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen marble

11. Make Your Home Luxurious with Marble

A kitchen counter made of marble, granite, or composite materials is a good detail to give your kitchen a rustic appeal. In your kitchen, a well-chosen kitchen counter will create a harmonious contrast and highlight the matte appearance of wood. Sometimes one touch is all it takes. That's what marble is like, and it takes the expectation to a very high level with one touch.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas

12. Futuristic Stools and a Classic Marble-Patterned Island

Inspiring designs can emerge by pairing futuristic stools with marble-patterned islands. Bringing out lighter tones always requires some dark color. In a large farmhouse kitchen, this can be well highlighted. Simple and plain kitchens also provide an inviting setting.

farmhouse kitchen ideas walnut

13. Pair Walnut Shades

The walnut cabinets blend perfectly with the ceiling tiles. The island in the center evokes a sense of the past. The color of the ground is also in excellent harmony with the cabinet and ceiling colors. With the dark floor tiles interspersed between the walnut cabinets, the kitchen catches harmony while it is saved from the dimness of the walnut.

farmhouse kitchen green and oak harmony

14. Green and Oak Harmony

Rustic vibrant colors such as blue and green contrast very well with plain wooden furniture. You can add an oak farmhouse kitchen table to the side of your painted farmhouse kitchen cabinets for a nice complement. Wood types with light tones, such as oak, make the texture of the wood feel the best. It is a lovely detail that can be added to an authentic farmhouse kitchen.

white cabinets for farmhouse kitchen

15. Benefit from the White Cabinets with the Grooved Paneling

The grooved panel adds a nostalgic touch to your kitchens. These cabinets also pair well with wooden floors and ceiling tiles. If you are unable to find one of these cabinets choosing an off-white cabinet is a good alternative.

black touches for farmhouse design

16. Use Black Touches

Black tones allow other tones to come out in your farmhouse kitchen. For example, blackwood on the windowsills evokes a very good impression. Matte black touches can also enhance bright yellow drawer handles.

colors of farmhouse kitchen

17. Color Palette

Earth tones and refreshing colors can be intertwined in a farmhouse. In addition to neutral tones such as white, beige, and gray, which offer a brighter environment, slate and sage offer nice contrasts. MDF cabinets, islands, and tiles are the perfect places to benefit from these color tones.

ceramic style for farmhouse kitchen

18. Choose Natural Ceramic Stones for Your Floors

Natural materials are the best choice for adding a rustic feel to your kitchen. Natural stone floor tiles can be laid in large formats and are a great addition to your kitchens. However, they can be a bit expensive. So, rough ceramic floors are also an option to consider. Kitchens with ceramic tiles look beautiful and are easy to clean.

black colors of farmhouse design

19. Take Advantage of Black and Dark Colors

A kitchen with black colors looks elegant. Although uncommon in rustic kitchens, it will go well with white cabinets. Instead of black, you can also use a dark walnut color. To avoid a kitchen that is buried in darkness, make sure you match colors correctly with blacks.

Cherry furniture for farmhouse kitchen

20. Benefit from the Elegance of Cherry Furniture

A farmhouse design using cherry or maple also produces very impressive results. Choose knotty and aged woods to add a bit of more naturalness and rustic charm. Light-colored wood species such as birch and oak create an illusion of spaciousness.

The farmhouse country kitchen ideas aren’t something you often see around you, so making a decision may be tough for you. However, you can start by adding simple touches. A rustic-style dresser can be a good start. You can then change the chandelier and lamps to match your dream design. Then kitchen cabinets and flooring. Every touch will bring you a little closer to a natural farmhouse.

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