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We know what NFL coins mean to you; The Best Memorial gift for NFL Teams supporters. Great souvenir for NFL lovers. Collectible coin for a keepsake. 2 side. Perfect Memorial Gift for Birthdays, Christmas, and other unique occasions. All Hand Painted and Clear Coated - Coin 43mm., 22Kt Gold Plated Brass. Each product comes in an individual envelope wrapped with the bubble in a plastic case. No assembly required. Satisfaction GUARANTEE - Money back GUARANTEE. Guarantee quality is as good as appearing on the picture if not better. Atlanta Falcons - Arizona Cardinals - Chicago Bears - Green Bay Packers - New York Giants - Detroit Lions - Washington Redskins - Philadelphia Eagles - Pittsburgh Steelers - St. Louis Rams - San Francisco 49ers - Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts - Dallas Cowboys - Kansas City Chiefs - San Diego Chargers - Denver Broncos - New York Jets - New England Patriots - Oakland Raiders - Tennessee Titans - Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings - Miami Dolphins - New Orleans Saints - Cincinnati Bengals - Seattle Seahawks - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Carolina Panthers - Jacksonville Jaguars - Baltimore Ravens - Houston Texans.