Navy 5x9 Flag Display Case Box, 5x9 Navy Flag Case

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5x9 Flag Case Is A Great Way To Honor Your Loved Ones

  • Best display case for your 5x9 memorial flagYour flag, which is given in return for your loved ones services, deserves a beautiful home.
  • With its design made of real wood and cherry finish, this 5x9 flag display case offers a much more stylish and solid appearance than its plastic counterparts.
  • 5x9 flag shadow box displays your flag in the best way with its 98% transparent front glass panel and 4 different emblem options of the armed forces.
  • With its solid and completely flat substructure, you can use it as a freestanding or mount it on the wall with its strong hanger.
  • This 5x9 burial flag display case will be a family heirloom that will make you feel honored every time you see it.


  • STURDY AND ELEGANT DESIGN – Solid Wood with Cherry Finish
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS PANEL – %98 transparency and clear vision
  • NAVY EMBLEM –  Stylish appearance with the emblem of the U.S. Navy
  • PERFECT FIT –  Your 5x9 Memorial Flag will fit perfectly
  • WALL MOUNT & FREE STANDING – Flat Base and Strong Hangers
  • SMALL BASE DESIGN - Its small base makes it perfect for tabletop
  • CUSTOM OPTION - Customize nameplate for your name or memories.


  • 25.25 x 12.5 x 4.15 (Outside)
  • 20.15 x 10.10 x 3,5 (Inside)
Please send us a message that includes your font preferences (Arial/Verdana) and what you want to be written on a nameplate with 25 characters limit  for each line.
Please note that flag NOT INCLUDED!

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Navy 5x9 Flag Display Case Box, 5x9 Navy Flag Case

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