Bamboo Cutting Board Set(2) , Chopping Board with juice groove

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  • Convenient Design: Thanks to its smooth and completely flat surface, you can easily cut bread, fruit, meat, or other food products. With the deeply designed juice grooves, the juices of the product you cut will not spread around, your kitchen or dining table will remain clean no matter where you use it.
  • Multi-Functional Use: This product, which is delivered as a set of 2, can be used in your kitchen to cut food products such as meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, or use it as a presentation board in fancy meals you make with your family or friends.
  • Natural Material: Bamboo, which comes to mind when talking about natural and organic material, is used as the raw material of this cutting board. Bamboo material will not only make the cutting process easier for you but also will not show scratches and marks with its unique texture. In addition, this texture will work in harmony with your knife and will prevent the blade from becoming blunt.
  • Easy to Clean: It is very easy to clean this wood chopping board, which is designed for long-term use and promises a durable and sturdy use. All you have to do is hand wash and let it air dry. That is all.
  • Dimensions: Ideal dimensions for both using as cutting board and  as a platter.  15,2’ x 8,2’ x 0,8’

Bamboo Cutting Board Set(2) , Chopping Board with juice groove

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