Bamboo Bread Box - Roll Top - Compact Design

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  • 👍Stylish and Simple Design: With its 11” depth, our product can store small and large bakery products, all kinds of pastries, and cakes in a way that will remain fresh, and with its large interior volume, you can easily fit your products without ruining their shape.
  • 🍪Keep Your Pastry Fresh: The sliding cover on the product cuts off the contact with the air to a large extent, delaying the staleness of the products and keeping them fresh, and offers an easy use with its sliding structure compared to the lidded design
  • Use Wherever You Want: Although this product is called the bread box, it is a great option for storing and easily accessing all the vegetables that you want to keep out in your kitchen. Not only in the kitchen, but also in the balcony, pantry, in children's room or wherever you use, regardless of the product and place it is used, it helps you to keep your belongings tidy.
  • 🌳Natural Look: Whether you use this natural bamboo bread box on your kitchen counter, on your table or on large shelves, it will fit perfectly into the decor of your kitchen. The unique texture and color of bamboo will add a pleasant atmosphere and a natural look to the place you use.
  • 🖐Bamboo Material and Easy Cleaning: this product owes its durable and strong structure to the use of natural bamboo. The dusts, crumbs or greases of the products you store in the bread box can be simply cleaned by just wiping with a wet cloth.