Bamboo 3 Tier Spice Rack Organizer, Adjustable, 8,75(Expandable to 15,5) x 8,25 x 3

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  • šŸ’”SMART DESIGN: With its 3-tier structure, you can store the spice boxes and all the small material boxes you use in the kitchen as long as they are suitable for its size, with the labels visible. The expandability feature gives you the opportunity to store many products and also gives you more options in which corner of your kitchen you will use your spice rack
  • āœ”ORGANIZED LOOK IN YOUR KITCHEN: It will bring order to your kitchen and make it look tidy. You can place spice boxes and small material boxes that are scattered around and you do not know where to put them, and you will find every product you are looking for in your kitchen immediately
  • šŸ’„VERSATILE USE: You can use this product in your kitchen, as well as in the bedroom, bathroom, children's room or wherever you see fit for any product that fits its size. You can use it not only for spice boxes, but also for all items special for you that you want to display and access easily
  • šŸŒ³NATURAL LOOK: The unique texture and color of the bamboo and the smart design of the product will make a natural and stylish contribution to the atmosphere of the place you use. Like an elegant accessory
  • šŸ–EASY TO CLEAN: The product is completely made of bamboo material. Bamboo is both stronger and lasts longer than equivalent materials. It is easy to clean as it is made of bamboo. If something has spilled from a product such as spices, jam, nail polish, etc., it will be sufficient to just wipe it with a cloth