4 Rows Coin Display Case, Coin Display Holder (40 Coins)

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With 4 Rows Coin Display Case Stand Out Your Collections

  • Perfectly display your challenge coin collection with the  Coin Display Case.
  • Don't let your challenge coins get old in drawers and simple plastic containers.
  • 4 Rows Coin Display Case series, made of real wood and handcrafted, is designed to meet your needs no matter how many coins you have.
  • With its quality craftsmanship, it will allow you to create an elegant look on your table or on your shelves.
  • 4 Rows Coin Display Case holds standart 40 coins, in its grooves designed for regular-size challenge coins.


  • HANDCRAFTED - The design your coins deserve
  • STURDY AND CONVENIENT - Whether in a special part of your room or in a corner of your desk.
  • SOLID WOOD & CHERRY FINISH – Stand out your collection with 3 rows challenge coin stand
  • PERFECT DIMENSION - Military challenge coin, sports fan coins, scout coins and more. One design for all
  • UNIQUE PRESENT – Coin Collectors will love it.


Please note that coins NOT INCLUDED!

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4 Rows Coin Display Case, Coin Display Holder (40 Coins)

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